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    Active Window Switching

    I have looked everywhere for a fix to this problem and can't seem to find it anywhere...

    When I have multiple applications/programs running and my mouse leaves one window, that window self minimizes. In XP I actually got to decide when I wanted to minimize or change windows. Windows 8 apparently does it for me...AND IT JUST DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

    Example: I have two Windows Explorer windows open so I can manually move files. When a dialog box pops up to give me the status of the files being moved, if my mouse does not remain on this box it just disappears into the background.

    Example 2: When I run my password manager program. When it pops up for me to enter my password, if my mouse is not on it, it just disappears into the background. Also when it prompts me for which password/account/user name to use on a site, I have to click on an option in basically less than a second or the entire window disappears into the background. Absolutely maddening!

    Not sure I have explained this very well, but hopefully someone understands and has a solution to this one. I really like Windows 8, but would love it if this mother of all Windows 8 annoyances for me) was no more.

    Thanks for your time and knowledge in advance,

    David Lueck

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    You may be getting mouse gesture swipe behavior. Press Winkey-q then arrow down to setting and type "edge" (without the quote) in the search box. One of those two may be the culprit.

    To help finding the mouse pointer. press Winkey-x then pree 'p' for control Panel. Click Mouse settings. In the mouse pointer Tab check to show mouse cursor when pressing Control key. It actually circles the position when you release the Control key. I like to use it as my Laptop looks a bit dim outdoors.
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Active Window Switching
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