Hi All

Just after some guidance on the best way to move my video files to an external drive

I am on a Laptop if it makes any difference (don't want Windows to have any issues if drive is not connected)

Currently stored in default location (C:\users\paul\videos) and will be moving them to e:\videos (USB Drive)

I would like to make the external location the default so that any new videos I put on go to the external drive, but also keep the C:\users\paul\videos folder there for me to manually use if need be

I see 2 ways of doing this

1) right click on videos in explorer and in the location tab there is a move option (I assume this moves everything to the new location and sets this as default?)

2) if I enable libraries, I can add the external drive as a video library, then set this as default for all new additions (think I would then just need to manually move my media across to new location)

Is there any difference in doing either of these (number 1 looks easiest, but would this cause issues if the drive is not connected?)

Hope the above makes sense