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Change 8.1 search charm to behave like 8.0 version

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    Change 8.1 search charm to behave like 8.0 version?

    I'm sure Microsoft thought they were solving problems by completely changing the search functionality in Windows 8.1. However, I can't possibly be the only person who thinks they've ruined one of the best features of Windows 8, can I?

    Before the upgrade, I could start typing in the Start screen, then select where I wanted to search (for example, I could click an app in the list to search within that app, or select files or settings etc.). Furthermore, apps would make use of the search charm, instead of having a search box on-screen all the time. This all made sense - a beautifully simple way to access the function in all apps. In 8.1 there are search boxes stuck on the screen in various locations. Two examples are: Mail, with the search box at the top of the list of emails on the left side, and Wikipedia, with the search box over on the right.

    This elegant search function has been overhauled for the worse, IMO. Now, to search the Wikipedia app (for e.g.), I have to first load the app, and then search with the search box, which has added a step. And the universal search now brings up an annoying separate app with all the results across several areas for me to wade through.

    OK, rant over. I'm sure many people actually like the new way, and that's fine. But is there any way to restore the old way without downgrading the OS?

    I suspect I know the answer, but if one doesn't ask, one doesn't get :)

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    I'm with you there. I have a Probook 4530s that I installed OS X Mountain Lion (and now Mavericks) on when I first bought it. I set up a hot corner in the lower left for launchpad, which makes it super easy to hover over in the bottom left corner (like Windows 8) and then start typing to find an application. Now in Windows 8.1 they've completely ruined it by now displaying search results in a (relatively) tiny column on the right hand side rather than using the ABUNDANT empty space on the left hand side that used to filter search results as you type.

    Without this feature it makes it much more painful to search for an app/program to launch. Something that OS X got right, Windows copied, and then took away. I am NOT happy with this inconvenience.

    If anyone knows how to restore filtered results on the left hand side of the screen as I type when searching for apps, PLEASE let me know!!!

    P.S. Microsoft, if you're listening, I joined these forums JUST so I can complain about this and possibly find a fix. HINT HINT !!!
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    Yes, I agree with that, too! The large expanse of space on-screen was perfect for displaying the filtered results. Such a backwards-step they have taken!!
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Change 8.1 search charm to behave like 8.0 version
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