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    Bold Font

    Hey guys, need help. I recently install Left 4 Dead on my laptop and it changes my font to bold, not only in the game but all in my system, my default font is now bold.

    I uninstall the game but the font was not changed. I went to Font Settings on Control Panel and make it to default, it now go backs to normal but not for all programs.

    For instance, my Firefox's font was still bold, changing to default also I can't. So how do I turn all fonts back to normal? Look at image and see how my Google looks like, it's bold I want all back to normal. I think the font is Arial Bold.

    Even some of my games, the font was bold too.
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    Oh never mind my Fonts registry were corrupted & missing.

    Tahoma (TrueType) -> tahoma.ttf
    Courier New (TrueType) -> cour.ttf
    Verdana (TrueType) -> verdana.ttf
    Arial (TrueType) -> arial.ttf
    Arial Bold (TrueType) -> arialbd.ttf
    Lucida Console (TrueType) -> lucon.ttf
    Trebuched MS (TrueType) -> trebuc.ttf
    Times New Roman (TrueType) -> times.ttf
    Marlett (TrueType) -> marlett.ttf

    I can't find Arial Narrow font anywhere though.
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Bold Font
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