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Error 0x80300024 When Clean Installing Windows

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    Error 0x80300024 When Clean Installing Windows


    My sister's laptop kept getting notifications telling her that windows needed more disk space. So I decided to have a look at it because it should have a 320GB HDD.

    On my computer, the C drive was showing 1 GB free out of 50 GB, I opened disk management and noticed that there was 200 odd GB in unallocated disk space. I wasn't able to allocate it or do anything with it, so I tried to format or delete the partitions in a clean install instead.

    When trying to clean install, there are three partitions that appear, one is the 50 gb one, the other is system reserve or something and the last one is the remainder, over 200GB.

    I don't know why but I can't delete all the partitions, in fact I can't delete any of the three. Also windows will only let me install to the 50GB one, when I try to install to the larger one I get an error: 0x80300024

    I understand that the partitions may be read only? Is there anyway to format the whole hard drive into one partition again, thanks

    Currently I've got it installing windows 8 to the 50 gb one so I can at least get into windows.

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    The clean install let me extend the hard drive so its sorted now
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    Good, sorry nobody got back in a timely manner. Usually with Vista 7 and some 8 systems, there can be a 100 to 200 MB partition which holds a special boot loader, because of the drive containing a recovery partition. The structure of this can vary from brand to brand, but usually if you delete the 100-200mb partition, you have deleted your boot volume.

    Updating an old Windows 7 laptop can give you all kinds of partitions, and I;ve even had a recovery partition become the C drive after updating Vista to 7. I had to delete the recovery partition to get it to boot.

    But what it sounds like here, you just wiped all of what was on there, and did a clean install. so now you don't have any recovery partition- I always try to preserve the recovery partition in case of problems down the road, but as long as you have a disk and can re-install, you're OK.

    This is an old error, here is more about it, in case it ever becomes an issue again:

    Error (0x80300024) Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Error 0x80300024 When Clean Installing Windows
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