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Windows 8 ruined my laptop! Please help :(

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    Windows 8 ruined my laptop! Please help :(

    I recently upgraded my Samsung Rv511 laptop (which came with windows 7) to windows 8, and then windows 8.1.
    My laptop was purchased in 2011- not sure if this is relevant info but anyway--
    My computer has experienced nothing but problems since upgrading. I actually love the the tiles and the overall look of the new version but my computer is SO slow now. The internet goes in and out. Fast for about 30 seconds after i reconnect it, and then it's horribly slow until cuts out again. Each simple page I load takes approx 90 seconds or more to fully show up.
    My wireless printer won't connect. A bunch of my files randomly go missing... I am a student and need this fixed now as it has made simple homework a nightmare to do and it's all stuff I have to do online. (I am 45 mins away from my college or I'd just use the library)
    What is going on and how do I fix this? I updated my network drivers as best I could figure out and it didn't really change anything.
    I would appreciate any suggestions for how to get my computer in normal working order again... I can't afford a new one
    Thank you!

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    If you upgraded via the app store, I would see about downloading the ISO and doing a clean install of 8.1. See this thread: How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO
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    If you still have the recovery partition on the hard drive you could restore to Windows 7 then stay there or upgrade to Windows 8 again but don't upgrade to 8.1.
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    Yes it sounds like your hardware will need update drivers to run 8.1, you could check with Samsung support download or however Samsung supports their Note Books? I know for my NB I had to install WiFi and Bluetooth drivers for 8.1 Asus had them posted for us as 8.1 went public. Unless you can find and download/Install these drivers and that fix your NB. You will need to Clean Install an OS that works for you.
    You can download a win 7 ISO from MS or Digital River actually, and Clean install win 7 which ever version you have a key for.

    Also you upgraded to win 8, you should be able to clean install win 8 from the same media that you upgraded with?
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Windows 8 ruined my laptop! Please help :(
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