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Programs keep acting like i'm hitting the home button

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    Programs keep acting like i'm hitting the home button

    Okay so this is a little hard to explain but I recently downloaded a new RPG and when I started it up and got to the login screen and then for some reason my computer took me back to the home screen. Every time I would go back to the actual game it would do this. I put in windowed mode and it would still do it by deselecting the program. When I go to youtube and watch videos in full screen and i wait for the top and bottom borders to disappear, they will go away but then almost immediately pop back up in the same kind of time frame that the game is doing. To add a little more information my dad likes to strike the keys on the keyboard really hard when he gets made and sometimes hits the computer and pushes the touch pad mouse clik thing too hard as well. Is this because of that? Is this something I can fix?

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    What is RPG?
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    I meant to say MMORPG
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    So MMORPG is a game. RPG then must mean Role Playing Game.

    The first thing I would try is for testing is create a new account with the same authority as your current account (User or Administrator). Try the game from there. Let me know the results.
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    Well it's not really just the game that is the problem. It's also started with other programs where I can go in for a few seconds but then I'll immediately be ejected back to my desktop. I click again to go back to the game, it goes back a few seconds later again to the desktop.
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    Give the new account a try anyway.

    What browser do you use, IE, Firefox, Chrome, ???
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    Welcome aboard Kayla,would you please fill in your system specs please,interresting to know at least your GPU,aswell which Visual++ you currently have installed.
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    Turns out the problem was an HP program that was trying to run but kept getting shut off. After uninstalling it the computer now runs perfect. It was HP Remote I think.
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Programs keep acting like i'm hitting the home button
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