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Closing lid, will NOT sleep, will turn off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDS7 View Post
    I wish it was that fast. It's actually more like a full minute. The Dell logo comes on, with the Windows 8 loading circle under it. Then I see my username with the loading circle next to it, and finally the start menu. But all applications and programs that were left open prior to closing the screen are completely closed, and the information isnt saved (as far as i can tell).

    Doing a fresh shutdown and power on is actually twice as fast as the process mentioned above.
    Then it is not a Hibernation. Popeye is right, check for Windows 8.1 drivers, for a machine that originally had 8 on it. When these PCs were made, they worked great under 8. Now, 8,1 can't be run on some of them, no drivers yet.

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    Might depend on which model exactly, you have. There are quite a few.

    Have you looked here and selected your model and tabbed the drivers. Several of the latest models have a full selection for Windows 8.

    Support | Dell US

    Through my business, I have several Dells, including an Inspiron. To date, I have had no problems with installing odd components in compatibility mode. But I doubt that drivers are the problem.
    I do think the noises you here from the DVD on booting, may be a red herring. The ones I have employ the "Optiarc", fwiw. The machine has a look at this during the boot sequence and (mine, anyway) do click a bit during this process.

    Best advice , I suggest, so far in this thread, is to take it back for a replacement. Don't waste time messing with a new machine.
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    Just spoke to my son, who is a Dell service engineer. He says it could be other problems. Unlikely but possibly a motherboard replacement is required. But his guess is it is a physical problem with the micro switch on the lid. Take it back.
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    Hey Dave! Thanks so much for this info. I managed to argue with Dell enough for them to send me an exchange. I have 2 of the same laptops so its hard for me to believe that one is not defective.
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Closing lid, will NOT sleep, will turn off.
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