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Windows 8.1 - Impossible to get into safe mode

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    Windows 8.1 - Impossible to get into safe mode

    I'd like to begin by saying, Windows 8.1 has been the worst OS I've ever worked with. Absolute worst.
    HP DV6 6121tx

    I was trying to get AMD drivers working properly so that FIFA would stop crashing. I read somewhere that installing the latest AMD Catalyst Beta with separate Intel drivers would work. I tried that, rebooted, and now I have a black screen after the Windows splash logo, with my mouse pointer visible if I move my mouse. So clearly something went wrong with the graphics driver installation.

    No problem, I'll just simply boot into safe mode, uninstall the drivers, and experiment with some other drivers.
    But no. F8 doesn't work, I know. Shift-F8 doesn't either. So I got my installation media, surely there would be a way to boot into safe mode with it!
    Here's what I get.

    There's supposed to be a 'Startup Options' button here, but for SOME reason, it's not. I have no clue what to do. I cannot fathom HOW Microsoft managed to make booting into SAFE MODE such a puzzle for an end user.

    Some more background: After a similar graphics driver adventure last week, I got into safe mode (phew), tried to uninstall AMD drivers. I got an error about how this the installer cannot run in safe mode (what?!). I tweak some registry key to get it working. It failed to uninstall properly. I rebooted, and then I was absolutely unable to get OUT OF safe mode. Nothing I did changed that, each and every time Windows booted to safe mode.

    I can't remember the last time I had such a bad experience with a Microsoft product. Really.
    I'm fully in with the idea of backing up files in my C: drive and simply installing regular Windows 8 over this. BUT I can't access my C: drive via Ubuntu because Windows has LOCKED that partition because of it's fast-boot nonsense.


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    Do you have a restore point to before this all started ?
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    Yes, but the restore point fails for 'Unknown reason'
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    Try Fn + F8
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    Hi there
    Installing BETA software is always going to be a risk - that's why it's called BETA software. If you want to play games or perform other functions on the latest OS you will inevitably get failures -- you should really WAIT until the relevant drivers and applications are available or run your "legacy" applications in a Virtual Machine -- these days a lot of Games will run very decently in a Virtual machine.

    Reading the Forums here - W8.1 seems in general to be far superior to W8 and most people seem to be reasonably impressed with it.

    If it doesn't work then just revert back to your previous OS - generalized statements like saying "It's the worst OS ever" won't help you get your problems solved -- most problems on W8.1 are solvable -- in the cases where they aren't then you just have to accept the fact that you'll have to wait until an upgrade comes out and stick with your previous OS. - Many people on these forums are running XP virtual machines because they have legacy hard or software that will NEVER work with windows 8 / 8.1. Does that make it (W8 / W8.1) a bad OS -- No.

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    "I'd like to begin by saying, Windows 8.1 has been the worst OS I've ever worked with. Absolute worst.
    HP DV6 6121tx"

    Perhaps you should re-examine your installation.

    This man is a reputable blogger

    [Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows 8 Bugs and Goof-ups - AskVG

    Read the posts and check out each one. You will find that 90% of them are no longer "bugs"
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    I understand what you guys are saying. I'm generally full of praise of Windows and loved using Windows 8.1 when it worked. What you guys need to understand is that my complain is NOT about the BETA software that made Windows unusable. It's about why I'm simply not able to get into safe mode! What cause my initial problem is entirely irrelevant. Getting into safe mode should be plain, simple and uncomplicated. I'm pretty sure no one will be able to explain why the 'Startup Options' (and hence the safe mode option) has disappeared from the screenshot in my post.
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    Here's a tutorial on making F8 start in safe mode. How to enable the F8 key to start Safe Mode in Windows 8

    You might be able to enter your UEFI setup and turn off fast startup/enable legacy mode to get F8 enabled.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    What Bumpkin said! He can also use BCDedit
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    If you can get into log in screen press and hold shift key, right click on onscreen power button in bottom right hand corner and select restart- this should bring you up a menu - system restore is in advanced options
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Windows 8.1 - Impossible to get into safe mode
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