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Has Anyone Noticed These Before??

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    Has Anyone Noticed These Before??

    OK, I had the Metro on my WDP disabled using Brink's tutorial, that made it somehow easier for me to use the normal, non-Metro Control Panel and then I saw there these.

    When I looked at the Programs and Features, then Turn Windows Features On or Off, there was apparently Hyper-V Support but it was disabled by default. I enabled it then it began to appear on the search bar when I looked for it. How do I use it? I did not even know it was included on WDP.

    There was also this 16-bit Application Support thingy. What 16 bit applications do I test with that?

    Click image for larger version

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    ya... i also noticed the hyper-V isnt FULLY functional... guess it will be available in the Consumer Preview...
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    [QUOTE]There was also this 16-bit Application Support[/QUOT]

    I wonder why they added support for a dead tecnology !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vrosa View Post

    I wonder why they added support for a dead tecnology !!!

    i believe they want to add support for really ANCIENT computers with ancient software...
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    Is it possible they forgot to discard it during the compilation, who knows?
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    Hyper-V is pretty much fully functional within Windows 8 DP (I've been testing/using Hyper-V in Win8 since September) ... however, it's disabled by default for a few reasons. I've found it doesn't play well with other virtualization technologies (VMware Workstation won't install if Hyper-V is enabled, for example). It also isn't necessary for the average user who will probably never need virtualization.

    The 16-bit app support, though it seems odd, is actually for businesses who still use 16-bit applications. It's weird, but they still do exist and being that Microsoft is huge in legacy support, they wanted to virtualize 16-bit support ... soon we'll see the same thing with 32-bit apps as well. Also, this 16-bit support won't be available in the 64-bit WDP, only the 32-bit (as long as Microsoft follows the same suit they did with Windows Server x64 and Windows x64). I'm guessing you are using 32-bit?
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Has Anyone Noticed These Before??
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