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problems because or not because of free win 8.1 upgrade

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    problems because or not because of free win 8.1 upgrade

    I've got a couple of problems one of which was a problem before the free upgrade to Win 8.1.

    First problem: When I try to get an energy report by using the admin. command prompt I get a message saying:
    "An unexpected error condition has occurred. Unable to perform operation. You may not have permission to perform this operation".

    Second problem was a problem before the upgrade. I can't seem to get the password free log-on to work. Before the upgrade I was logging on (at restarts) without a password, but when I tried to switch back to logging in with a password it did not work. Now with the Win 8.1 upgrade, I am logging in with a password, but when I tried to switch to not logging in with a password, it just gives a different password log in screen at restart. It says something to the effect of "incorrect password" before any attempt has been made to put in a password. It also shows two possible accounts mine and, I presume, a guest/new user account to choose from. My account is chosen by "default", and I just have to sign in. I initiated these changes through the "netplwiz" run command box.

    I have other settings like Sleep set at 20 min. and Hibernate at 10 min. and the Hybrid sleep is also turned on. The turn off display after 3 min. seems to work. I also have the "Require a password at wake-up" turned off. The power plan is set at "High Performance".

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    Hi, check out the settings in user accounts and try and see if you can change the password on wake settings there. Failing that, I am sure the guys at the windows help desk would be able to help you out!
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problems because or not because of free win 8.1 upgrade
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