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Moving Photo Folders On Iphone To Windows 8

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    Moving Photo Folders On Iphone To Windows 8

    I have my photos nicely filed on my iPhone 5c (categories like 'cats', 'children' etc...) however I now want to move these to my laptop (HP running windows 8.1). When I try the photos just appear as one large batch, and not in their folders still. I'm not sure if this is an iPhone issue or windows 8 issue....I have tried using an app such as PhotoManager Pro but still no luck. Any ideas please or do I just have to recreate the folders on my laptop? Thank you.

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    Can you screenshot what this looks like?
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    Hi there, yes you will have to make new folders.
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    A 5C, heh? How is it?

    The Folders only show up like that on the device, the DCIM folder which is what you see when the phone is plugged into the PC will have at least 2 folders, one for MOV files and another for PNGs or JPEGs. After there are 500 pictures on the device, a new folder gets created.

    Perhaps DISKAID can show you your categorized folders:

    Download DiskAid

    And they have a new app called "PicsAid" which you should try, link is on the same page. looks like that will do what you want.

    The only other place you can access your iPhone photos from will be your "iCloud Photos" folder which is actually your "Photostream" - Windows 8 used to say "Photostream" but now it says "iCloud"

    Also, when you create "Folders" in your Photo Library, it doesn't really create Folders in there. Anything you "move" to those folders is still in the original location., the Folders are only links which exist inside the device. At least, this is how it is in iOS 6.1.2, which I have. in iOS 7.x.x, they may indeed allow you to move pics around. But when you plug your Device in to your PC, and open the DCIM folder that is there, what you see is pretty much exactly what is physically on your device.

    "PicsAid" may allow you to see your personalisations, I'll download it and see if it works for my iOS.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Ok, I cannot use PicsAid, it's for iOS 7 only. SO download it and give it a shot, it will probably do exactly what you want.

    Wait, Nope! I was wrong, it's for iOS previous to iOS 5. So if you just get the newest DiskAid, you can at least retrieve your Pics, but your "Folders' cannot be copied that way.

    I understand, I want to do the same thing but any personalization I do on my phone stays on the phone, I have to recreated it on my computer manually. But DiskAid will allow you to at least grab the pics you want and move them into your PC fast.
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Moving Photo Folders On Iphone To Windows 8
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