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Importing Pictures The old way !

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    Importing Pictures The old way !

    I have a quick question i am hoping you guys can help with.I take a lot of photos with my cell phone and import them to my computer but i hate the way 8.1 does it.When i plug the phone up auto play comes one i click import photos it loads up the Metro face or what ever it is called and shows you the photos and you then select them and import.

    I hate this and i would love to be able to import photos like you could in windows 7.As i am on a desktop and have no need for the metro or touch screen shenanigans .I have removed all i the apps i could except Camera,photos,Store and skydrive it will not let me remove them.basically when i import photos i never want to leave my desktop and have explorer do the work for me like windows 7 did

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    Have you considered Picassa ?

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    i was looking for a way to not use anymore apps.basically have it import just like windows 7 did
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    What do you want to happen when you connect the phone?
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    i would like for it to operate like Windows 7.I hook my phone up i click import .It imports the pictures and opens up a window where the pictures were imported.

    I hate the windows 8.1 photo app with a passion .Windows 7 was simple click and import no frills and simple and quick.I hate having to click import ,it loads up the photo app then i hvae to click the pictures and click import then it shows me where they are .Then go back to my desktop into my pictures folder .I am looking for a Bare frills click and import
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    The photo app is set to default by design with windows 8 and 8.1.

    Change your default picture viewer from the app that 8/8.1 uses to what ever you used in windows 7. I use windows photo viewer or Photo Gallery from Windows live essentials.

    Change which programs Windows uses by default

    Photo Gallery - Microsoft Windows
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    Here a good video on it and some explanations.....

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Importing Pictures The old way !
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