I just recently purchased a TOSHIBA Canvio Connect (EZ) portable hard drive to back up my HP Pavilion. The backup went well. Following the Canvio instructions I created a boot drive on a USB Flash drive. Then I booted up the PC using the Flash drive and pressed the F12 Key as per instructions. I tried several times booting using the drive and pressing F12 but most of the time the computer just comes up normally and twice I got a screen that read UEFI Boot Services with the option to select UBFI IPV4 Net Card or to select UBFI IPV6 Net Card. The screen shown in the instructions said I would have option to select USB to bring Up EZ.

I was told that menu I saw dealt with the computerís BIOS/UEFI and that the Canvio might have been designed for only Toshiba computers. That did not sound reasonable but I looked up HP instructions on making a Restore USB flash drive. The instructions did not show how to just create a boot disk but it included the System Image files as well and requires 32 to 64g flash drive.

I have the System and User files on the Canvio I just need to be able to create a working USB boot disk.
Any information on how to just make a HP boot disk would be appreciate it.