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“Sleep” not an option for “Lid close action” on Windows 8.

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    “Sleep” not an option for “Lid close action” on Windows 8.

    When you go to power options in the control panel for Windows 8, under power buttons and lid >> lid close action >> on battery/plugged in, you should be able to choose

    a. Do nothing
    b. Sleep
    c. Hibernate
    d. Shut down

    However, sleep is not an option for me ever since I updated to Windows 8.1. Screenshot:

    Click image for larger version

    The update also screwed up a lot of stuff. Very annoying. The computer is an Asus Zenbook. Any suggestions?
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi bhalps, Welcome to 8 forums.

    This tutorial might be able to help you, Power Options Menu - Add or Remove Sleep or Hibernate in Windows 8

    Make sure the sleep states are not turned off in the BIOS power management.
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    Thanks archer. To do that, do I want to look here? Never worked with BIOS before
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    does your laptop have a ssd and is it using intel rapid start on it?
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    My laptop does have a SSD and I believe it has Intel Rapid Start but I'm not entirely certain. Thanks.
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    Just to resurrect an old thread because I had the same problem on upgrading my laptop to Windows 8.1, and I found this thread. So I thought I'd post back what I did to solve it, in case it helps someone.

    As described, all the sleep options were just missing from the power config menus. The tutorial mentioned didn't help because the sleep options were missing there too.

    I found the following elsewhere which helped:

    * from an Elevated Command Prompt, type the command:
    powercfg /a

    * in my case this told me that it could not support sleep because of a driver, and the device was 'Graphics'.

    * This told me I needed to update my graphics driver, and on doing this, the Sleep option returned.
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“Sleep” not an option for “Lid close action” on Windows 8.
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