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Computer freezing, running slow, and BSOD'ing

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    Computer freezing, running slow, and BSOD'ing

    Hey everyone, I signed up on this forum because I am having a very frustrating computer problem. I really hope you guys can help me!

    So I bought this computer about a year ago, it's a gaming desktop that I had my friend assemble using many new parts and old components from a much older desktop I had. Here are some of the specs:

    Intel(R) Core i5-3570k CPU @3.4 GHz (4 CPUs)
    16384MB RAM
    GeForce GTX 660 Ti
    Asus Motherboard

    I've had a problem that I semi-resolved that I feel may be related to my current issue but I'm not sure.

    That issue is that my computer will sometimes load up saying "The current bios setting does not support the boot device" or something along those lines. It wouldn't allow me to select the boot device I am using through the bios, and I've had to solve it using various methods of restarting.

    My current issue is that lately my computer has been running slowly and freezing randomly. I'll be using my internet browser, and loading up something else (even as simple as loading up file explorer) and it will start moving very slowly and eventually freeze up, forcing me to restart with the power button. Finally, after doing this for about an hour and a half, my computer gave me the BSOD and the "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED" error message.

    I don't know what to do, it's acting okay now but I know that if I open up another process on my computer (game, virus protection) it will act slow and freeze up again. What should I do?

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    what model is your motherboard asus makes over 200 motherboards. also you might want to check your boot priority and see if you have uefi enabled vs legacy for the bios type,as well as your sata type. you might want to also post your info in the bsod board>Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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    Sounds like your main hard disk is having serious issues.
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    I think he's right, and you can't just use CHKDSK, you have to scan the whole drive surface.

    Download Hiren's Boot CD from my link below, burn it and boot to it. Go into "Dos Programs" and find "Hard Drive Tools"

    Try GWscan first. If you have a Hitachi or Toshiba drive, you have to use the tools for those manufacturers instead, you will see lists of manufacturers, GWscan will work for Seagate and WD drives.

    In GWscan if you can run it, run the 1st 2 tests, and after the 2nd test, it will tell you if you have REad Element Failure. If you do, run the whole test, it will hake about an hour and a half tops.

    After you do that, then keep Hiren's in there and boot to "Mini XP" - Open the Start Menu and at the top they have an automated CHKDSK, just enter the System Drive letter and hit Enter. May as well check all the partitions as well.

    Then try to boot to Windows 8/x and see if the problems continue.
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Computer freezing, running slow, and BSOD'ing
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