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Windows 8 Not Starting After D/L Program

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    Windows 8 Not Starting After D/L Program


    I tried downloading AutoCAD on my laptop, but got an error message. I removed the McAfee which came with Windows, but no luck. I then also removed AVG and it managed to download.

    I've then attempted to restart, however the 'Toshiba Leading Innovation' screen simply kept flashing at the start up and didn't continue.

    After approximately 15 minutes of flashing, it's now stopped and the page is static.

    It's been just over 20 minutes total now, and the page continues to be static with the fan making more noise than usual.

    I've powered down twice, but this keeps happening...

    Should I re-install windows?

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Is it 8 or 8.1? I was able to install 3DS MAX no problem. There may have been something in AutoCAD that does not support your laptop, most likely a graphics driver.

    If you got an installation disk, try doing a System Restore from that to right before you tried to install AutoCAD. Also, if it was an older version of ACAD maybe be incompatible with Windows 8.
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    Can you start it in safemode by hitting f8 at boot? also did you manage to install the program or just download it?
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    I'm assuming he tried to install it, simply downloading it would not have affected him, unless he got it from a questionable site and it was infected with a virus. Like SoftwareInformer of Soft32, those are both very bad sites. Was it from a site offering old software, or did you download it straight from Autodesk?

    If you got it from here:

    AutoCAD - Download (Softonic)

    You downloaded a Virus, its OK to open the page just do not click any links on the page.

    Dont download it from:

    phpnuke org

    programsdeals net

    and most definitely do not get it from

    autocad.gufile com slash Student

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Windows 8 Not Starting After D/L Program
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