Dear EightForums,

At this point, I've read every thread possible, tried everything possible and got nowhere. After upgrading from a perfectly working Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, I had the metro working infront of me but then I was logged out and my computer restarted. After the restart, I logged in and boom, my problem occurred; I'm left with a black screen and cursor.

  • I first read a topic telling me to replace my windows.ui.immersive.dll - what I did by following all the steps (Didn't have a Windows Activation Technologies folder) - That just fixed the error I was getting from task manager.
  • I then tried working with the slmgr.vbs script and making Windows 8.1 back into a pre-key state - did nothing
  • Finally, I downloaded the latest AMD beta driver (13.11 or something) after being advised on a microsoft website - that failed.

So here I am, 9 hours later, still wondering how I can get this damn operating system to work. Anybody have any ideas?