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Black screen, movable cursor

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    Black screen, movable cursor

    One day i tried to start my computer. Once it started i booted up steam only to see that none of my games were installed. Hmm. So i opened up my computer and saw that one of my SATA cables came unplugged. After plugging it back in my computer did a system check on all of my hard drives. Once that was completed my computer restarted and went to the swirly windows logo and then to a black screen with a mouse pointer that i could move...that's it. I've tried a few things from looking it up like booting into safe mode, trying to log in with the black screen still up, taking out the video card and putting it back in and nothing, just goes to the black screen. I don't have a windows 8 disk so i can't attempt to fix it that way nor do i have my 8 key on hand. i built my desktop so its nowhere on my rig. Any help? ive spent countless hours (or like 12ish hours) on this and still get nothing.

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    If you had an install disk, you could run the DISM commands, you may still be able to do it, if you can get Task Manager to pop open, try CTRL ALT DEL while that black screen is up, if you can get Task Manager open, we can open a command prompt. Most likely you will need an Admin Command Prompt, you can check the box that says "Run this as Administrator" while CMD is in the Run Box- In the Task Manager under "File>Run New Task"

    DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8

    Try to get into Safe Mode, Admin account. You'll have to run the DISM from there.

    I've seen this Black Screen of Deth on systems where they used a KMS activator for Windows 8, the fix was to run an In Place Install and buy a new Key (and of course remove the KMS activator). I've had 2 systems like that, but no Valid systems. I know on the cracked systems, the crack caused it. On a valid licenced system I don't know the cause.

    If you can get into Safe Mode or a Command Prompt from task Manager, try SLMGR.vbs /dlv and see if your system is still activated, if not, you can try the /a switch and reactivate it.
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Black screen, movable cursor
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