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How to boot Windows in verbose mode?

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    How to boot Windows in verbose mode?

    My windows 8 installation decided to go into automatic repair mode without warning and now all I get is a black screen after the blue windows logo at boot. It does the same thing with onboard gfx or the Radeon card so I doubt it's graphics driver issues.

    I'm more of a mac guy these days and If I run into trouble I can either boot in verbose mode or consult the console to get a readout of what's going on behind the scenes and track down the problem and fix it.

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like if you can't boot windows 8, the only choice is to re-install?

    f8 or shit/f8 does absolutely nothing.


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    You can boot to the advanced startup options which will give you access to some advanced troubleshooting tools and selected recovery options. See options 4 thru 7:

    Startup Options Menu - Boot to in Windows 8

    BTW, a repair reinstall (if properly executed) is not too bad in Windows 8 and might fix your issue as well:

    Repair Install Windows 8

    Hope this information is helpful.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, none of the troubleshooting options are of any help.
    Refresh PC is no good because it's a deployed image install from employer with domain login and specific authorised programs which would be lost.
    Reset is just like a re-install. No good.
    Automatic Repair does nothing.
    Restore point does nothing.

    I want to know what is going wrong. The fact there is no verbose mode or log to consult seems ridiculous.

    What happened to safe mode anyway? Can't even use f8 anymore wtf!?
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    Your second post should have been your first post. It would have saved me some effort in attempting to respond. Good luck.
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    This is true and my apologies for that but I was hoping someone might actually try and answer the question.

    Getting in to safe mode without being able to get into windows would also be helpful.

    Windows automated repair functions are not (and in my experience never have been) helpful.
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    My Apologies for this, and you are right, Windows Automated Repair especially on Windows 8 are about 10% effective. What you are originally asking, is a way to boot up so it shows you the boot process step by step.

    What we need to fix you up, is an Install Disk. You'll have to get that from your Systems Administrator from your work, if you can get it, we can run a Command Prompt from the Install Disk and run a DISM command.

    But the problem is the state your system is in makes it almost impossible to log in, so virtually all of the regular solutions can't work.

    To get to Safe Mode, you have to press F8 almost immediately, eventually you will hit it at the exact time it needs to be hit, and you should see Advanced Boot and Repair Options, the Safe Mode is on the "Troubleshooting" page. There should be a tutorial on how to get to Safe Mode, here it is:

    Safe Mode - Start Windows 8 in

    I think I know what your system is doing, I want you to try this:

    Down in my Sig you will see "Hirens Boot CD" - Click on that, download the ISO image, and burn it to a disk. Stick it in your drive, and boot to it.

    You will see "Mini XP" in the list of programs, click on that and it will load a stripped down version of XP. After it comes up, dont worry about clicking anything, just hit the Start Menu and look for "Check Disk", they made a quick tool to scan all of your hard drives. What I want you to do is scan your SYSTEM drive. It will list the drives that have drive letters, if your system is on C, then just type in C and hit enter.

    Before you do, open My Computer and make sure about the Drive letter for the system. It's usually the largest partition on the hard drive.

    I'm pretty sure your Windows 8 has detected that it needs to run a CHKDSK, but don't let that run from within Windows 8, always do it from Hiren's or some other Boot CD, you can also run it from an install disk.

    Just to be safe, run the disk check on all of the partitions it finds.

    When it is done, take the Hiren's Disk out and then reboot, and let me know what happened.

    There is one other thing I can have you try, but I will need to know exactly what kind of hard drive is in your machine.'s a deployed image install from employer with domain login and specific authorised programs which would be lost.
    Give a call to your company IT manager, try to get an install disk, and once you get it, I can tell you how to run the DISM command from it.

    I'll try to find someone here who has experience installing over the Net, perhaps we can get to a command Prompt from the Install process. There should be a "Boot from Net" option on your motherboard, and your employer should have the link and credentials to do a remote install. If we can get a an install happening, we can get to the Troubleshooting options of the install disk and get to a command prompt and run the DISM command from there. At least we can get a reinstall happening, you would have to save your personal files first, you can use Hiren's Boot CD to do it, through the same Mini- XP.
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How to boot Windows in verbose mode?
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