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Strange Problem

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    After reading this thread my first thought was about a sticky key. Or a 'sometimes-sticky-key'. It's a laptop you say ==> perhaps after closing the laptop the screen or keyboard doesn't allign out perfectly and the asterix key gets pushed in. That would explain the asteriksen when powering up the computer.

    You've done a restore I've read. So if it was a virus it shouldn't be on the computer anymore (if it was a full restore).

    I'm really curious what happens when you plug in a different keyboard. And does this problem only occurs after you've closed the lid of the laptop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksparrow View Post
    Thank you friends.adamf, you are does happen in other applications but occasionally.However, pressing backspace key stops it and i can type anything i want.But it always appears no matter what when i start my computer.
    As he says - not just password.... He also said it was the * key.
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    As he says - not just password.... He also said it was the * key.
    Thanks for that. My mistake.
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    First of all thanks to everyone.My problem is solved.I ran sfc/scannow but it found nothing problematic.Then i restarted my laptop and the problem is gone forever.I checked it many times restarting my laptop but now its gone.I am so happy.But what could have been the cause of that problem? doesnt matter, its gone now.Thanks to all for helping me out.
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    Hi jacksparrow,

    It sounds like David Bailey's suggestion fixed your issue. If so, kudos to David for that suggestion. That's two reps I owe him now! Anyway, glad to hear it wasn't your keyboard.

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    my2cents, you are right.The problem disappeared after i ran sfc/scannow.I was expecting to see some errors in sfc/scannow results but it found no errors.Now i am just wondering that what could have possibly caused that problem.Its true that sfc/scannow solved it even though it found nothing.Thanks to David.
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    I run sfc & dism about once a week just to keep things in order.
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Strange Problem
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