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Screen behind popping up unbidden

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    Screen behind popping up unbidden

    Hi, I'm new to win8 and am having this vexing problem I'm not sure I even know how to describe. It seems more 'feature' than bug, but I want it to stop.

    If I use the search function, not in a browser, but in the OS itself, it will bring up a Bing page of results. This page fills the entire screen and has no apparent way to close it. This also happens when I open a PDF using the native Win8 reader - the pdf opens to a full page with no apparent way to minimize or close it.

    That's just the beginning of the problem. I have been just ignoring what is on that full screen by opening the desktop and just going about my work (hate the tiles, but that's a different story). However, from time-to-time, when I'm moving the mouse cursor and doing nothing but moving the mouse cursor, that full screen Bing page or PDF will just pop to the front unbidden. I can obviously reopen the desktop again, but this is a hassle, as this page-behind just keeps popping up and interupting my work. Worse, once it happens, it seems to happen again and again as I'm making the first mouse movement after moving back to the desktop. I literally have to open the desktop again and again 5 or 6 times before that document behind stops popping up. When I TRY to reproduce this, I can't. I can't seem to make the document behind pop up just by moving the mouse - but when I don't want it to happen, it does.

    Question: How do I make this stop?

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    You could try one or all of these (they may not all apply)
    Search Online with Bing - Turn On or Off in Windows 8.1
    Bing Desktop - Enable or Disable to Run at Windows Startup


    Go to [Winkey] X, programs and features and uninstall bing desktop
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    Download the Desktop Versions of those programs and use those, set them as default. Right now, whenever you click on those files, it will switch from Desktop mode to the Tile App. This is why I feel that these kinds of apps have no business being in a Desktop OS - A Mobile OS is fine, but a Desktop PC is supposed allow Multitasking, meaning you should be able to have several programs floating in the Desktop Screen. Metro takes this ability away from us, and its not true multitasking, most Tile apps power off when switching from one to another.

    And yah, get rid of Bing Desktop Takeover.
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Screen behind popping up unbidden
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