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Windows defender/firewall problem after computer virus

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    Windows defender/firewall problem after computer virus


    I am running windows 8.

    Over the weekend I seemed to have contracted a computer virus. I was unable to access specific websites (google,fb etc) and I noticed the windows firewall was turned off and I was unable to turn it on again. I attempted a system restore but the system froze after a few hours and I powered it down. I had some OS problems but it seems ok now. But the system has not been restored and I am now worried to try it because it seemed a bit unsure as to whether I'd get the laptop running again!

    I ran antiviral software and deleted some malware found and haven't noticed any new discrepancies.

    but the problems I am now encountering are:

    My windows firewall is turned off and when I try and turn it on I get the error "windows firewall cant change some of your settings error code 0x80070424"

    While trying to fix this following an online guide i found that in the list of services windows defender, windows firewall are not listed and when I try and "start" ""SBSD security center service" i get the error "Error 1075 dependacy service does not exist or has been marked for deletion."

    Also I am now unable to connect to the "Store" app.

    I'm not sure if these are to do with the virus, the failed system restore or neither but I am worried about them and would greatly appreciate any help!

    Thanks for any help/advice! Sorry if i missed out any nescesary information. Feel free to ask.

    also i tried to run a system scan in cmd line using "sfc/scannow" and it won't get past 63% before failing the operation.

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    Hi steelman235,

    FYI, I have previously participated on several forums that specialize in malware removal, and I can tell by your symptoms, that although your AV may have isolated the infection (not confimed), it managed to cause serious damage before you AV caught it. With that said, if you do not receive any additional response to your issue here, I would consider mobving your issue to a forum that deals specifically with malware identification, removal and repair. However, with all your symptoms, I think you got a real nasty one so be prepared to devote much time to this entire repair process.

    Alternatively, I would consider trying one of these solutions which may prove to be a much quicker fix and cause less grief on your part. Please make sure you read the ramifications associated with each so you are well informed:

    Repair Install Windows 8

    Refresh or Reset Windows 8 without Installation Disk

    Good luck and I hope this information helps you resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

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Windows defender/firewall problem after computer virus
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