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task scheduler messed up by 8.1 upgrade

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    task scheduler messed up by 8.1 upgrade

    Upgraded from 8 to 8.1 about a 2 weeks ago. Noticed about a week later that my nightly backup stopped running from the time 8.1 went in. Something stuck 2 new lines of code in the .xml for the task and also changed the run-userid. My admin userid got changed to a MS admin userid. I removed the two lines of code and changed the run-userid back to the correct one and now the backup runs OK. Then I noticed that it wasn't keeping task history. Next I noticed that no tasks were keeping history at all! And I'm unable to turn history on. It said it was on, I turned it off, turned it back on again. Still no history. Anybody else having this proglem?

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    Task History is always disabled by default. Task Scheduler will always show the last status of the tasks, but by default it does not keep a history list of when each task is run. Its locked out by Group Policy.

    Were you able to turn it on in Windows 8? How did you do it... Maybe you can use the same method in Windows 8.1.

    My bad - It's not a lockout, but a Setting under "Action"/"Display all task history"

    Try logging in to your Administrator Account, and setting it ON in that account.

    Also, make sure that the Task Scheduler service is actually running- Are the listed tasks showing evidence that they ran? Usually there is a "last time run" and a "Next Run Time" and a "Result" - it should say if it has run there.
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    A day or so after I fixed my scheduled task I checked to see if it was still running OK and discovered that apparently all task histories were running again. Not really sure why but since everything seems to be OK now I'll expend no further effort on this wierd Windows 8 hiccup.
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task scheduler messed up by 8.1 upgrade
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