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Differences for same data on W8 and 8.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
    Even though the two hard drives were purchased at separate times they both show the same data on disk on both Win 7 & 8 and are copied by drag/drop onto all media from the spinner hard drive. Win 7 has Office 2010 and Win 8 has Office 2013 yet both show same data on disk on each system. Win 8.1 is the only variable in the equation.
    Yeah, I understand that, and was just looking for reasons that 8.1 shows things differently.

    Ain't computers wummerful? Seems as how they've taken the places of our spouses: Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynona View Post

    Ain't computers wummerful? Seems as how they've taken the places of our spouses: Can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em.
    have to say my spouse was never as annoying to live with as a computer♥
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    show the same data on disk

    we do you go to check data on disk .

    i right click on the drive and go properties ,in win7 and win 8.1, and it shows my external as having the same numbers for most of the used and unused space .
    for used space win8.1 on a 74.4gig hdd ,it showed 55,620,964,352 total 51.8 showed 55,620,841,472 total 51.8
    so little different numbers but same total
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    I have a folder for example called "Data Others". When I right click this folder and then select Properties it shows:

    Size: 149GB (161,032,850,421 bytes)

    Size on disk 150BG (161,222,950,912 bytes)

    These figures are exactly replicated no matter which hard drive I check the size of the folder in. It's a quick way of ensuring the data has copied across correctly. The only drive it does not do this on is the USB3 Flash drive, and this is only for the size on disk, and the reason is because it does not copy the properties. Both figures are exactly the same for "Size" and "Size on disk" for USB3 West Digital, Spinner West Digital, internal SSD3 storage HD, and SSD3 C drive ... on Win 7 & 8. But not so 8.1.

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Differences for same data on W8 and 8.1.
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