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Windows 8/8.1 mouse lag. Is Microsoft adressing this?

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    Another update from my side:

    Apart from the fact that i think Microsoft should 'commonly' fix mouse settings the way they do now PLUS:
    - disable the weird form of DPI scaling by default
    - correctly handle high accuracy mice with high polling rates

    I did however solve my personal issue for the most part.
    I installed the common hotfix posted earlier, but as mentioned this didn't really make my problem dissapear.
    What else i did to counter my sluggish mouse behaviour specifically in Arma 2:
    - Installed my mouse driver correctly Logitech Gaming software for my Logitech G400
    (This was a seperate problem on itself concerning Windows 8.1. In a nutshell, .net 3.5 had to be installed on W 8.1 for their software to work).
    With the Logitech software/driver installed again, i could configure my mouse polling rate and even though people report Windows 8.1 not handling or reporting polling rates above 125 hz correctly...this did make a world of difference to me!
    - Ticked the compatibility box for all my arma2oa executables (Disable DPI Scaling for displays that use higher DPI settings...)

    My mouse behaviour in Arma 2 is 99,9% if not 100% back on-par with the way it was in Windows 7.
    I did experience some new type of sluggish mouse movement but after some more in-depth testing we were very amazed to see it was related to the specfic server we were playing on (ie. it was no longer there on other servers/Arma 2 mods).
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    I know this thread is old, but here I am in March 2014 and still having dreadful issues with Windows 8.1 and my bluetooth mouse.
    These mice are not installed, they are bluetooth.
    I previously had a Logitech wireless mouse and I had problems with that too.

    The problem is the mouse is erratic. I go to click something and the pointer veres off to another location or the mouse laggs and I have to drag it. I have tried so many different things to solve the issue to no avail.

    I see so many people with mouse issue with Windows 8.1. After all this time, why haven't Microsoft addressed and fixed the problem.

    I think Windows 8.1 has become another Vista. The sooner we get rid of it the better. If I could I would return to Windows 7 tomorrow. Please don't say I can, there's just too much involved.

    Does anyone have any idea if MS are going to fix this long-standing problem?
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    Anyone know a Fix for this issue? my trackpad Mouse cursor is CRAZY laggy if i do a few loops with it its super slow an crappy,my wireless mouse is having the same Issue an its not on games but it does affect them,its affecting my whole system an no idea how to fix this annoying issue.
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    I believe I have solved the problem on my computer. I have an HP Envy desktop computer with wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. The mouse lag started after updating to windows 8.1. The lag was sporadic and happened with all programs I worked with. Here is what I did:

    Hover the cursor in the top right corner until the sidebar opens, click on SETTINGS, then on "Change PC Settings" in the bottom right. On the new screen, click "PC and Devices", and then on "Mouse and touchpad". You will see the words "Choose how many lines to scroll each time" above a bar. Move the marker all the way to the right (100). Mine was set all the way to the left (1)

    That did it for me. Hope it works for you.

    Finding the fix isn't exactly intuitive. One would think that since the problem is so widespread, Microsoft would have put this info out to everybody.
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    Fixed My Glitch! Here's how:

    Hey people! I had this glitch, too. So here's how to fix it. NOTE: You have to have a WIRELESS MOUSE

    Go to the top right corner and click Settings. After that, click Change PC Settings. Now, it should show up as Windows 8.1 Settings. Click PC and Devices. To the side, find Mouse and Keyboard. Then, under Touchpad, change it to No delay (Always on). Next, pull out your USB mouse from your laptop/computer and put it back in. When you type, it should be moving, though. Finally, go back to PC Settings and turn it to Short Delay.

    Congratulations! You fixed your mouse! ( I hope )
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Windows 8/8.1 mouse lag. Is Microsoft adressing this?
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