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Can't change default opening location of File Explorer

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    Unpin the existing explorer icon from the taskbar.

    Create a shortcut just to explorer.exe (no extra command line info to choose the default folder shown yet). Pin it to the taskbar and make sure it's showing the jump list recent items and such you want.

    Then do this. Right-click the pinned Explorer icon to see the jump list, then right-click the Windows Explorer line inside the jump list (right above the "unpin this item" option) and go to Properties there. Edit this shortcut's properties to include the folder you want it to open, and save. Now the taskbar shortcut will open to the folder.

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    IIRC I could not change it because the one that comes pinned to the taskbar out of the box is the explorer app from the start screen. I unpinned that one and just pinned explorer.exe.

    I use this Target line to open Favorites

    C:\Windows\explorer.exe shell:::{323CA680-C24D-4099-B94D-446DD2D7249E}

    See Brink's list of shell CLSIDs to open whatever system folder you like.

    Edit: When I click it I don't get another taskbar icon. It just highlights the pinned Explorer icon.

    Edit2: So I guess I am echoing the posters who suggested unpinning the current shortcut and setting it up afresh. But I do believe the reason for the inconsistency where Windows 7 and Vista you could just change the target line, is due to the explorer pin being from the Start Screen version or app. Just to clarify why I posted seemingly the same solution.
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Can't change default opening location of File Explorer
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