I bought a new laptop recently, but now I can not access my adminstrator's things(like time settings, user account settings ETC.) So I can not use many programs about using time(Like skype. I can't chat because my time is stop at 1 hour. If 7 to 8, it just doesn't go next hour. if 7:59, next is 7:00. so now my time is stop at 2013-10-14(when I bought this)8:24 pm.) It's so inconvenient. pls somebody help...

Well, I already do several thing. I inform this:

1. I can not access several Control Panel's setting, in example of user account setting:'Change your account name', 'Change your account type', 'Manage another account' 'Change User Account Control settings', 'Configure advanced user profile properties', 'Family Safety' ETC. In 'Make changes to your user account' category, I can access only 'Make changes to my account in PC settings'. What should I do..

I also made a administrator account with using CMD, but that account also same with my original account. Pls HELP ME!

My English is very short but I hope you guys understand this.