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Xp mode

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    Am I int the right place?
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    Xp mode

    I've tried to download the xp mode for windows 8. After downloading it checked my systems validation. (and it couldn't validate it "hooray,,) any ideas how to get the xp mode in to Windows 8 DP?

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    Wow, you're really jumping the gun on a Win8 8102 Developer Preview.
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    Hi there
    I'd be really surprised if Win8 will support XP Mode. Why should it.

    XP mode was introduced purely to ease transition from XP to W7 --however IMO performance wise and everything else -wise you'd have been better off running a Proper XP Virtual machine under some sensible software designed for the purpose such as vmware vmplayer (Free) or Oracle's Virtual Box (also Free).

    The only disadvantages with this approach are

    1) You Might have to pay for a new XP license -- although IF you had a retail version you can install it on your VM - activate by phone and say you've transferred it to a "New Machine" --you have to run loads of legacy apps and hardware. --Sort out the "Virtual Hardware" such as memory size etc in the VM's config file before activating however.

    2) A bit more work to set up and of course the Integration is not as complete as with XP mode such as running XP apps direct from the W7 desktop. Printer and some integration is availble but performance wise using a separate VM is streets ahead of XP mode.

    Running Virtual machines on W8 is NO problem.

    I've tried the following

    W2003 Server
    W2008 Server
    W7 x-64 and X-86
    W8 itself x-64 and x86

    No probs with any of these.

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    Set up a VMWARE 8.0 VM and all will be fine...
    As jimbo said XP runs fine from inside Win8

    Wow, you're really jumping the gun on a Win8 8102 Developer Preview
    Very true
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Xp mode
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