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When you look through the Microsoft support webpages, most of the references now say Windows 8.1 - its like Windows 8 is getting written out of history - becoming an unOS in Orwellian terms. When you can't download it, support it or find hardware to support it in a year's time, did it really exist, or did I imagine that there was a Windows 8?
This is most unfortunate, cos I think it is a better OS than 8.1, and lots of people still use it. They don't want to go through more Future Shock, at this point, MS has delivered enough Future Shock to kill 10,000 Alvin Tofflers.

In fact they rushed this OS out so fast, Windows 8 really had no time to propagate through the consumer base. And at the same time, just about everybody is removing 8 and installing 7, four new puters I have handled, all with 8, 8 got removed once I handed it over. And not one willing to have 8 installed.

It's like the poor guy I have been trying to help, his File Explorer is crashing, I can't do much cos he really needs to do an In-Place Install, and no Disk! But there is not really any Official help for him now on any MS website.

And MS has taken from us the only real way to fix our OSes, the In-Place Install, it cannot be done without an install disk, and 8.1 is officially the first OS with absolutely NO install medium, at least with 8 I could find install disks here and there. That is becoming difficult now too.

It is as if they released 8,1 to erase 8 from the face of the earth. Ironically, 8 has been fabulous for me, 8.1 seems to have taken the most unpopular facets of 8 and magnified them. They were in too much of a hurry, and the problems with 8 could have and should have been fixed with a Service pack, not a whole new OS.