Hi all,

Just upgraded to Windows 8.1 from 7 and am having a little problem that is driving me nuts. I share the PC with the wife (seperate logins) and we used to have all of our shared pictures inside Users/public/pictures. It seems that the public/pictures and public/documents etc. is not really working well in Windows 8 and neither is having these public folders inside the old Libraries feature.

I used this a lot so I have decided to create a folder under c: called Sharedstuff and a folder under that called sharedpics. I have put all the shared pictures in there. I have then given myself, the wife, administrators and system "Full Control". and shared the folder as I desire this featire too.

All good so far.

The big problem is the background slideshow feature that I have used in the past. The problem is that if I try to select my new folder c:\sharedstuff\sharedpics it finds the folder but refuses to show any of the 100 or so sub folders (each of which contain pictures). I have tried to select This PC > Pictures and selected all my personal pictures and this works as desired/expected. It then shows all of the subfolders and all of the pictures within.

It just won't work. It's killing me!
I don't want to put all the shared pictures under This PC > Pictures as that is a symbolic link/shortcut to my own pictures folder.

Can anyone help please?