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    System Restore and Browser Questions and Downloads

    Hey one and all. I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and have been having problems. I am unable to state with complete certainty that Windows 8.0 or 8.1 is the culprit because like the dummy that I am I also downloaded some stuff from the internet. I keep getting boxed messages that I am missing sysmenu.dll files one on top of the other (about 5 in all). Also, sometimes when I type the letters are slow in appearing and having to catch up with the speed at which I type. Whatever the case, I would like to do a system restore vs. a complete reinstallation. The last system restore point that I am provided with does not go back to the point I would like. If I delete all system restore points, will I be able to select a point that works better for me?

    In case the system restore does not remedy the issues I'm having, below are some other things that are occurring. If it is more advisable for me to do a reinstall, I will do it but I would like to use that as a last resort.

    I noticed that with the installation of Windows 8, I began having problems with several things. One is that periodically I will open a new page (site) and I get a box telling me that it has become unresponsive and whether I would like to wait or cancel. If I do nothing, the box usually disappears and the page becomes responsive. With this post, I had to wait over a minute for the page to become responsive again. I did not want to kill the page for fear I would lose this post.

    I experimented with several browsers and I using Comodo, which I like very much. How it happened I don't know, but the search engine changed itself to one that I abhor and whose name I don't know. I would like another search engine, except for Ask, but don't know how to set this feature up. Whatever this search engine is, before it takes me to the site I pick, I get sent to some advertisement and have to go back and re-select where I want to go.

    Prior to installing Windows 8, IE was awful. Now, it's worse. It is very slow to respond. Sometimes I am forced to use IE and wish I could be redirected to Comodo. Is that possible? With respect to Chrome, I have somehow or another acquired something like 7 toolbars, 3 of which are the same. I have tried every method I know to disable or delete these toolbars, but I have been unsuccessful.

    Finally, I have noticed that when I have downloaded a file from the internet (a safe one), other things appear to download themselves that I did not choose. In particular, I find all of this toolbars are downloading that I did not select and some maintenance programs. I know better than to pick these to install or say yes to anything, but somehow or another I invariably get some program that is a pesky little bugger to get rid of.

    Thanks for your help. Please note that I am not very computer savvy so if you respond, please address a dummy. How much of a dummy? I just learned what OS means! LOL

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    Where Did it Go

    I recently posted but forgot to ask about this issue. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of this icon but it was very similar to the Chrome icon. It is a standard feature for Windows 8. When clicked, it opened up a box that provided the ability to access some apps, the ability to restart, etc., among other things. Somehow or another I have lost this feature. Can anyone let me know where I can find it again.
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System Restore and Browser Questions and Downloads
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