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Video Clip Files (MOV Files) - Not Showing

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    If Video stutters it's probably because your CPU is trying to do too many tasks, or you've got really poor disks so the video data can't be read quick enough or a combination of both.

    Try and reduce the number of background processes and concurrent applications running.

    Try also to enable all the video hardware accelerators for decoding - and also don't have HUMUNGOUS size video files - these days decent video compression with a file size of around 2GB will probably give you a 90 - 120 min Movie in full 1080p HD quality if you run it as an MP4/MKV file or even an AVI. Plenty of video converters around.

    If you have one of those machines where enabling the hardware decoding actually causes a problem (exceedingly rare) then just turn it off.

    There's no inherent reason why a Linux system will play the video properly and Windows won't unless the settings in the video processes are different. The codecs are the same so the player software should handle the files in the same way.


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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    My system used to stutter when playing 1080p content. It was simply not fdast enough until I installed Windows 8. Now they play great, there is a little but of stuttering, but not enough to be irritating.

    I algree, the Player in VLC is so far above WMP or any other player it cannot even be compared. If it stutters for MOV filers, then they were either created that way or the system has way too many processed going. VLC can still give you a great output even if you have 10 or so little programs running down in the tray, but where it can't keep up is with Norton or Mcaffee which both have Real Time Protection that uses up about a third of overall system resources. Either disable the Real Time Protection in those if using them, or switch to an AV suite that uses less resources. Both AVG and Eset NOD32 use very little resources.

    I've had guys bring me systems where not only MOV but any other format simply would not play, turned out they had both Norton AND Mcafee, and playback was blocked solid. So I deleted both with extreme prejudice and installed NOD32, and they were fine after that, even found 500 virus bodies that both of the other programs did not bother to locate.
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Video Clip Files (MOV Files) - Not Showing
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