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I cannot seem to take control of F:

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    I cannot seem to take control of F:

    Hello. My Window 8 recently corrupted quite badly to the point that the only valid course of action was to reinstall. I have the OS on a SSD (C: ) with most of my data on a separate HDD (Now assigned to F: but I think it used to be E:?..), so I figured I would just disconnect the HDD and perform the reinstall, so it would not have to back it all up (Which would have actually been impossible since part of the issue was that my USB ports were almost completely nonfunctional...) Now, however, I cannot seem to take control of F: or anything in it.. I have only actually run into one issue so far (But I have only been reinstalled a few hours, haven't done much more than redo drivers etc) in that I cannot delete programs that I am trying to delete because they no longer function (I assume because their registry data is now gone) But I would very much like to actually be able to do that as that is a lot of wasted space... also I imagine that will translate into other problems down the line....

    Please help me out, here? If you need any more information, ask away.

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    How/where is this new F drive installed? Does it show up under disk management? If so, please provide a screenshot. Do you need to recover any data from that hard drive or would it be OK to just wipe it clean?
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    Well if it shows a letter it must be reachable thru My Computer and drives control, being unable to delete files leads me to conclusion that it got somehow Write protected, as the fact that files are not registered in Registry will not stop them from being deleted.
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I cannot seem to take control of F:
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