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External hard drives opening on startup

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    External hard drives opening on startup

    G'day all, I read the tutorial on removing the Windows password requirement. I changed the settings per the example, everything seemed ok, I restarted and it logged me in as expected, but then it took me to the desktop and opened up all of my external hard drives. I then changed the setting back to requiring a password and still the same result. I have restarted several times and still the same condition.

    Any thoughts are most welcome.


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    You may have a virus on your external drives that has an AutoRUN feature, AutoRun viruses force drives open so that the infection can be spread.

    I use a 3rd party program to immunise my hard drives against Autorun, unfortunately, I don't know how to immunise my drives outside of that program and I can't offer it as a solution cos its a paid program.

    What you can do is open Control Panel and do this:

    Click image for larger version

    This is probably how your Autoplay is set now, change it to THIS:

    Click image for larger version
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External hard drives opening on startup
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