Hi there
The idea of passwords has got a bit ridiculous these days - and with the modern power of computers and decent algorithms some can be easily cracked.

Why can't we simply type in a sentence as a password - easier to remember - can type in a huge number of languages and much harder to crack.

The latest piece of rediculousness is that there's a client I'm doing a gig for - you get an automatic generated password - but it's so ridiculous and unmemoriable that you have to write it down in order to log on again !!!!

Biological ideas like thumbprints etc are no good anyway - the criminals would just cut your finger tip off or something.

With ATM's instead of a Pin number the machine could ask YOU a question based on your pass phrase such as "last football match attended - enter 1 if Liverpool, 2 if Man utd 3 if Chelsea" . The logic in the ATM could easily be modified to spit this out on the screen.

The whole password / logon sequence could be made DYNAMIC with questions and answers rendering successful hacking almost impossible -- certainly "Brute Force" attacks could be basically eliminated.