Upgraded to 8.1 on the 17th of this month. Went from a local account in 8.0 to a MS account in 8.1.

Until today, Task Scheduler showed NO info on "Task Status", regardless of time frame. Today, it has started showing tasks run today under System, but no status on those tasks created by me back when running Win 8 under local account.

I'm unable to modify any setting in any of my scheduled tasks because Task Scheduler does NOT recognize my new User ID created in 8.1. After making a change and clicking OK, I get a window with my Win 8 account info, which is now invalid. It was my understanding that when I rolled over from a local to an MS account log in, everything would be updated so that the new MS account would work just like it did when my account was local. Looking at the "History" tab under task properties, I see history up to 10/17/2013 (everything prior to upgrade to 8.1.

I need to get Task Scheduler in sync with my new account settings. I don't know if programs like "Fix My Task Scheduler" by Josh Cell would work or not.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks. -SA Jack