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Please help about popup and ad's

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    Please help about popup and ad's

    I have Win.8 64 and Chrome was the only browser between IE and Firefox that worked with out ads popping up in the middle of the pages and even articles, but now they're doing it when I use Chrome.

    I.E. doesn't work at all and Firefox is slow and saying I need to install all kinds of things, like FLV Player.... just all kinds of stuff.

    Is there a GREAT ad blocker that I can install ? I'm scared to try to install anything and I have to with it asking me to install four or five different things.

    I honestly don't no what to do and it has gotten so bad I can't surf the net anymore.

    Thanks a head of time,


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    I see that you have Avast installed so the first thing I would try is a boot time scan with all settings at the highest priority. Now, I'm not sure which version (Avast 8 or Avast 2014) you are using; however, I will show you a screenshot of where to go to set up that boot time scan:

    Click image for larger version

    Make sure everything is set to the highest sensitivity level and give it a go. Good luck.
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    What do you mean IE doesn't work at all? If so then there is something wrong that needs to be fixed. Have you tried resetting IE?

    Reset Internet Explorer settings in Internet Explorer 9
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    Ztruker, I did what you said on IE and a small screen pops up and says a problem caused the program to stop working properly. Then all I can do is close program.
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    You can try re-installing IE10: Download Internet Explorer 10 - Microsoft Windows

    If that doesn't fix it then run sfc /scannow (System File Checker) from a Elevated Command Prompt, see if it finds and fixes any system file problems.
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    You may need to install a script blocker (like NoScript) in Firefox.
    I also have AdBlock Plus installed.
    Also check your pop-up settings in the Firefox options (and the other browsers too).

    I've also noticed that advertising scumbags:
    • Have come up with a way of bypassing pop-up blockers (and even NoScript recently).
    • Aren't backing off, they are escalating their "worthless bandwidth wasting garbage" attacks.

    Soon browsers will take up as much space on your HDD/SSD, as Adobe Bloatware does (i.e. multiple GBs)!
    The majority of that space (>99%) will be dedicated to blocking garbage!
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    I'm thankful and had a very long day. I will mark thread Solved and I hope this thread will stay on board so I can view and review all posts in the morning.

    Thanks to all and I will let you guys no how everything works out.

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Please help about popup and ad's
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