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Windows 8.1 problems on startup on HP Pavillion dv6

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    Windows 8.1 problems on startup on HP Pavillion dv6

    Hi all, Can somebody please aid some help my way at all?
    I am running Windows 8.1 which i purchased and downloaded over wifi so all legit.
    Since installing it i have had problems when starting my laptop or when my laptop goes to sleep.
    When i turn on my Pavillion dv6 the Blue window shows but no circular dots and after about 10 secs my screen goes black and stays that way. I have waited nearly 2 hours just incase it was updating in the past but it does this everytime. If i restart i.e force close the computer as that's all i can do as there isn't any response from said comp and reboot it does exactly the same but then starts after about 1 minute. In this time the mouse is switching on and off. Also crashes if the comp goes to sleep too.
    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance folks.

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    Windows 8.1

    Hello Bob,

    So how did you do the installation? Did you attempt a clean install or just upgrade your existing OS to 8.1? If a clean install, did you keep the existing partition structure or did you wipe the hard drive clean? If you just upgraded, did you chaeck for the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website? Also, what was your previous OS? Win 7 or 8? The reason I mentioned 7 is because I assume you now have a legitimate key for 8.1; whereas, many of us, that did the upgrade, do not have that 8.1 key.
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    Windows 8.1

    Hi Bob,

    I had a similar problem. It behaves the same way that you describe after I do a regular shut down then try to boot up. My only recourse was to boot from a Win8 DVD, get to the Command Prompt, and use the command "Bootrec /fixmbr". But I had to do that after EVERY normal shut down.

    It's worth noting here that Win8/8.1 does a hybrid powerdown/hibernate so that it boots up quicker (writing it's Kernel to a hibernation file on the hard drive, then using that to boot back up).

    I read this knowledge base article (Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 General Availability Update Rollup), which mentions some PCs "experience an error when resuming a computer from hibernation, and a blank screen is shown. This issue may occur with some computers that have TPM chips enabled. " I then tried removing the patch but it did NOT help.

    I connected the dots to between the hybrid Kernel hibernation and the article above. I created a shortcut to perform a COMPLETE SHUT DOWN, which does NOT write the Kernel to the drive, and now it boots up every time.

    Create a shortcut on your desktop with the following command line: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /f /t 0
    Then run that instead of going to Sleep, ShutDown, Hibernate, or Restart.

    Microsoft DOES mention "Microsoft is aware of this issue, and this article will be updated when a fix is available".

    In the meantime, the above shortcut is helping me out.

    Here's another link you might find useful:
    Microsoft Launches Guide on How to Fix Windows 8.1 Blank Black Screen

    Good luck and of course, report back !
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Windows 8.1 problems on startup on HP Pavillion dv6
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