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Windos 8.1 hangs from time to time

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    Windos 8.1 hangs from time to time

    After making clean install of Windows 8.1 (before I had Windows 8) then my laptop started to hang from time to time.
    Selecting tiles in Start screen with keyboard is normal as it used to be , mouse moves normally but HDD light is not on or blinking. Clicking with mouse does do nothing. When I click fast many times then it finally opens App from Start screen on a program in Desktop mode but everything is slow for 3-4 min. Then it automatically works as it should be, like nothing would be wrong. Any ideas, suggestions? Help is very appreciated, thanks!

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    Somedody help?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I have found a solutiot to this. I said before that it could be related to unknown driver and know I have identified this faulty driver.
    Firstly, yesterday I reinstalled Windows 8.1 Pro and today I was installing drivers again for Windows 8.1 in HP Probook 4545s.
    Before I installed Windows 8 drivers to Windows 8.1 environment and when HP decided to publish official Windows 8.1 drivers for Probook 4545s then I installed new Windows 8.1 driverst beside Windows 8 drivers that I had before installed. So this caused this freeze/hang.

    Secondly, I installed today only these drivers to Windows 8.1 that are ment to be for Windows 8.1 by HP. I installed without poblems until AMD/HP SATA driver were installed. Then my pc started to freeze again. Then I enrolled this driver back to Microsofts default and freeze/hang were gone.

    My suggestion is: Don´t install WIndows 8 drivers to Windows 8.1, even if manufactures says it´s compatible with new OS.

    Hope this helps many ohers who has this freeze issue too.

    In addition to that I also uninstalled following Windows Updates: KB2883200 and KB2895219. After these I found out that they were causing this freeze too. After uninstalling them I havent got any freezes. Tip: Disable any Flash related programs or lines in Startup tab. Somebody said that it could be Flash related too then I disabled Flash IDM from startup that caused browser freeze (and maybe OS too) and no more lags.


    1. Roll back SATA driver to Microsoft default if any were installed during Windows 8.1 install.
    2. Uninstall or don´t install these Windows Updates: KB2883200 and KB2895219.
    3. Disable any Flash related line in Startup tab.

    This solved my Windows 8.1 freeze/hang on HP Probook 4545s. If it helped you too then give feedback in comment section.
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Windos 8.1 hangs from time to time
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