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Windows8 Goes To Black After Install - Dual Boot Win7/8

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    Windows8 Goes To Black After Install - Dual Boot Win7/8

    I posted this problem a few months ago and followed the suggestions of the people who responded but the problem still existed. Again I'd like to thank all those who tried to help. I've only recently gotten around to attempting this install again but unfortunately I'm still having the same problem. I'm usually pretty good at troubleshooting and resolving my own computer problems but this one really has me stumped.

    I installed an OEM version of Windows 8 on a formatted, Active Primary partition on an external HDD. After approx 3 minutes into windows my screen went black. I had to hold down the power button to exit. Trying to boot back into Windows8 from the boot menu, Windows attempted to start with the circle going around, but again a few seconds later, black.

    These are some of the solutions I have tried but to no avail:
    ...Tried a different partition on the same physical external HDD. (Note: previously I had created an additional partition on my computer's C: and installed.) Black.
    ...Updated Video Drivers
    ...Checked if the drive was activated (SLMGR.VBS /DLV, then /ATO (Activated)
    ...Did first, a "Refresh then a Reset (both took me into windows but a short time later, black)
    ...While Black I tried a Ctrl, Alt, Del attempting to get to the task manager, which did not work, thinking I could try an inline install from the DVD.
    ...Booted into Win8 Safe Mode (F8 from Win8 boot option).... this was ok. It kept me in Windows.

    When reverting back to Window7, the File System on ALL drive partitions, Computer's C and all externals, had to be checked for consistency before Windows 7 would boot up. Not sure why but once my screen goes black in Win8 somehow all my other partitions, Computer and Externals, are compromised.

    I would very much like to get this Windows8 problem resolved. Now that 8.1 is out I'd like to download and install while it's still free. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you.

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    And you tried everything everyone suggested? The OS WAS properly activated?

    The "Black Screen of Death" was the very first Windows 8 glitch I ever saw, in my case it was a cracked activation causing it. Two Different Computers. If this is happening on a properly activated computer, it's anyone';s guess what is causing this.

    I typed in "Black Screen of Death": into Google, and found references to it all the way back into Windows XP.

    I'll do that again right now and see if there is something I messed. My Solution was always to run an In-Place Install of Windows 8.

    Read through this post at Tom's Hardware, several different solutions were offered, maybe one of them will work.

    Windows 8 black screen with pointer after log in - Configuration - Windows 8

    There is one solution where you get into a CMD prompt and add a new user, it's down toward the bottom:

    Alright I think I've got it.

    Enter this in the command shell, one line at a time. Then reboot, do a hard reset by unplugging it and pulling out the battery, waiting 30 seconds and turning it back on. From there, follow the steps in the first post to get into the recovery mode again. This time, make sure you select the account we're about to create.

    net user /add useraccountname

    net localgroup administrators useraccountname /add

    net share concfg*C:\\/grant:useraccountname,full

    net user useraccountname *

    This will create an administrator account called useraccountname. After the command with the asterisk at the end, it will prompt you to create a password. It won't show up while typing it, so don't make a mistake. You could also just hit enter again to leave it without a password.

    I'll walk you through removing it after we get this fixed for you.
    This is exactly how I worded it when I first looked back in February:
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    Thank you so much! Yes I'm activated. When I did a SLMGR.VBS /ATO it said "Activated". Then I went to black. The start of a night from hell trying to get up and running.

    I didn't think of it before but I could probably do an In-Place install from the Recovery Mode Safe Mode Command Prompt? As I said before I can get into Win8's Recovery Mode (F8 at the boot up Options, Win7 Win8.)

    I'll try one of the Tom's Hardware solutions first, first doing a "sfc /scannow" from Safe Mode with command prompt which seems to be the easiest but will that work? We'll see, plus as you said there's several options for solutions in there.

    I might try the net user route if nothing else works but seems a bit more complicated, but I do understand.

    With any of these commands will I need an Administrator Command Prompt? That is as opposed to CMD? Or Powershell? If so, how Administrator?

    I'll get back to you whatever I try, work, doesn't work, either way. I may not be able to do it today but sometime this week. I travel frequently. Also, I'll check out the "Windows 8 Black Screen of Death" Google links... something so simple I didn't think of. Where's my head... Duh! THANKS AGAIN!!!
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    While you are in the Black Screen, hit Ctrl Alt Del, see if you get a purple screen with a few choices, one of these is Start Task Manager, one of them is "Log Off" or "Log Out" - Of you can get to that, try dong that.

    If you are using an nVidia display card, you may have to download new drivers, you can probably download them, copy them into the machine, and run the installer from a command prompt.

    To do an In Place Install, you have to get to a command prompt from within the black screen, if Task Manager comes up, you can browse to the "Setup.exe" file on the install disk.

    Go into this post and read a solution "Iron Man" posted, you'll have to read through the end.

    Windows 8.1 login and black screen
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Windows8 Goes To Black After Install - Dual Boot Win7/8
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