It seems like I've tried everything, so any advice is appreciated!

I recently upgraded my PC to windows 8.1 from a ~2 month old install of windows 8. On windows 8, PC slept predictably when set to 30 min. I had two "powercfg /requestsoverrides" set via command line to ensure that this happened, however. Now, upon upgrading, PC will not sleep predictably when set to an idle interval of 30 min., even if "powercfg /requests" shows "none" for every category. The overrides I set via command line are still present. PC will sleep automatically if power options are: display shutoff set to 1 min, and sleep PC set to 3 min; OR if ethernet cable is unplugged from computer (with display/sleep set to 5/15 min). Disabling IPv6 and the Homegroup fix, mentioned in this thread, did not work for me.
Virus scans via windows defender and malwarebytes are negative, all drivers are up to date, and PC sleeps fine manually. I have run energy reports, too if people are interested.

Any advice is helpful. I really just want to make sure that if computer wakes up due to scheduled tasks (or my cat), that it will be able to fall back asleep.