Wanted to give people a heads-up who are using Netlimiter 4...

I had Netlimiter 3 in Windows 8. Everything worked great. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and although there weren't any errors, Netlimiter didn't seem to be working even though it was running and should've been working. Netlimiter 3 was listed as compatible up to Windows Vista, I believe. Windows 7 and 8 technically weren't supported (even though it was working for me in Windows 8).

So I went to the Netlimiter site and there's a free Netlimiter 4 that's there to download and test. Once I got Netlimiter 4 up and running, minutes later I'd get the BSOD with BAD_POOL_ERROR. This happened multiple times.

Exited the program and shut down the Netlimiter service and the BAD_POOL_ERROR went away.

So if you're getting this error and you use Netlimiter 4, don't use this program! At least until they work on the problem.