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Win8 without the store?

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    Already posted, and rejected by OP.
    Was not "rejected" (indeed, those links were added to the bookmark file I'm using to gather information on this personal project and I sincerely appreciate each and every response), but I'd rather use blocking outside of Microsoft's programming. Using group policy edits (or even the Windows Firewall) assumes MS isn't allowing contacts anyway. Using an external firewall means I don't have to trust or not trust Microsoft at all, since they don't enter into it. My main question hinges on whether or not Win8 can function if it is completely cut off from the store...and while this is the question I originally posed, there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer as yet, and anecdotally at least, it appears not to function as expected without the store.

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    Don't know why, this will stop the store from doing anything (AFAIK)
    Exactly; as far as you know. I trust Microsoft to do what is in its own best interests, not mine, so shutting down access to the store using group policy edits may or may not prevent Windows from contacting or sharing data with the store while it prevents the user from purchasing apps, and only those familiar with the underlying code base would know for sure. With an external firewall, belief in MS is irrelevant.

    We're already seeing a major mix of systems, where the store appears to be necessary to perform a system update from 8.0 to 8.1. This is a major change in privacy leakage, since the product number of Windows being updated is now tied to a credit card number and name/address for anyone who has purchased any apps from the store, something that doesn't happen in Win7. So the question of whether or not Win8 can function without the store connected and active is a legitimate one, and the privacy implications are legitimate too, regardless of my personal level of paranoia.
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    update without the store

    i cant help you with blocking microsoft. but as for your question of updating without using the store, well, i could never get the store update to work in the first place on 8.1 preview and just posted some info on an alternate method on this thread:
    im pretty sure it would work for regular 8.0 as well since it involves a fresh install of 8.1 using an iso.
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Win8 without the store?
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