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    Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 problems

    First, hi, i'm little nervous because i was really happy about this version of Windows, and now, i have updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 (with wmc), first my graphic driver didn't work, and i spent almost 1h to install it correctly (because in Device manager it always says that 'the driver is latest' so, that option doesn't work, how i know that, because the driver that 'was installed' says 2012, and i know for sure that latest driver is from 2013 ), after that i used Driver Sweaper to delete all of my 'ati' drivers for clean install of new one, than the error appears it say'd 'Your PC run into a problem, that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart' and some numbers (probably the code of problem) and it restart itself of course it didn't fixed itself, it showed me some options to try to fix problem, i try'ed every option in that list (except the one where it asks for CD but windows 8.1 doesn't come in CD pretty funny ) After almost an hour of trying to fix that and after about 20 restarts it magically repair by itself And finally it's working but not everything my steam doesn't work, you said 'every program that worked on windows 8 will work on windows 8.1', than why my steam program doesn't work? Why would you say something if you'r not sure that it will be like that? When i start steam, it didn't start it try to update it and it shut it down, than i uninstalled steam and every game that i have on my acc (i wanted to update because of that, because it uses more than 50gb ! And now i haw to install every thing again ! And i didn't wanted that ! That's why i choose to update it not clean install ! ) and try to install it again, i was able to install it, but when i go to install some game from my acc, the steam goes off and it wont work until i uninstall it and install it again. Why is that happening when you said that 'every program that worked on windows 8 will work on windows 8.1' when it's not true? What am i supposed to do now? To wait few months for update? Also, your program Skype doesn't work, the app Skype is working, but to install Skype for 'desktop' use it's not working and here is an image Click image for larger version
    Windows bought Skype, and on Windows OS Skype doesn't work, don't get it? Do you?
    Also, my sound is not working, but i think that i know what's problem, if i'm wrong, i'll type the problem here, in hope that you'll know what em i supposed to do.

    Please tell me what am i supposed to do with all this bugs and problems? I can't go to 'Windows Restore' because it can't restore to Windows 8 And can't insert windows 8 cd because i have too much files to save

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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit SP1

    hey Bro... is this Windows 8.1??
    what type of windows edition???
    if it is 8.1 Pro... there's a skype tile in start menu. If you can't find the skype tile you go to start and find the arrow down and click it. after that all the programs in windows 8.1 that has installed already. (including skype.)

    that windows edition does not have skype...
    but you install skype but its corrupt.

    your windows version will be reinstall it completely.. (you should backup everything to your files)
    and install your programs regularly..

    and the most problems of the windows 8.1 is the graphics driver.
    if you have a laptop drivers in DVD, you need to find the graphics driver folder and if you find it the (setup.exe) right click of it and click properties, go to compatibility and check the compatibility mode as Windows 7 and check the (Run this program as an administrator) and then solve!!!
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Windows 8.1 problems
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