Hello Everyone,

I have a 1 TB hard drive that had four partitions, namely "Dell Utility", "Media Storage", "Windows Backup", and "Data Backup" in that order from beginning to the end. I have got myself into a lot of trouble by interrupting an operation where Paragon HDM 12 Pro was deleting a partition(Dell Diagnostic 40 Mb) from the beginning/front of the HD and then merging the freed up space at the end of the HD. I wanted to move the freed up space(40 Mb) to the end because I had just shrunk the "Data Backup" partition to free up 40 GB unallocated space there. When I started the process, I had three partitions in between the freed up space(at the front and the end), "Media Storage", "Windows Backup", and "Data Backup". I could see in the details window of Paragon that when the process started it successfully deleted the 40 Mb partition at the front of the HD and then started to move the data in the first partition that was named "Media Storage". This is where I went from a sane patient man to completely dumb noob . I saw that the estimated time to move the "Media Backup" partition was almost 9 hours and 50 minutes and counting, and there were two more partitions in the line, I thought, why not stop the move process and just let the 40 Mb space stay where it is. So, I CANCELLED the process and thought that Paragon software would just undo what it was doing and I would save time. REALLY!!! .

Now at this point I booted back into windows and created new partition(40 GB) at the end of the hard drive named "RecoveryImageWin8Pro". But I realized that my "D:" drive formerly labelled as "Media Backup", is now inaccessible. When I try to open it windows just prompts me to format it.

I know that I have screwed up very badly, but is it possible to get this D: partition (Media Backup) to be functional again. I have it filled up to the brim with so many precious memories. Any help would be appreciated. I am posting a picture of my "Disk Management" where Disk 3 is the one I need help with. My sincere thanks to everyone who takes time out to help me with my stupid mistake.

Click image for larger version