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Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only

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    Pembrokeshire, South Wales, UK
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    Nothing for me yet, I did have a few updates but no 8.1 yet, I did ask it to check for updates but it said there weren't any.

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    Coming to you from a nice new Windows 8.1, upgraded from Windows 8. From clicking the tile in the Store until right now was almost exactly 3 hours, but most of that was download time on my relatively slow connection.

    So far, so good. I have saved a copy of the folder ~Windows.~BT, which seems to contain the downloaded installer, to my backup drive, in case I need to do this again.

    Anyway, it seems to have worked as advertised!
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    I've got the Windows 8.1 update showing in the Windows Store! Located in CA here. But won't do the update until I get to work. Maybe it is a good thing the download is slow, because I don't want to hog the bandwidth at work.

    My first update with be on a VM running on a notebook made by the Fruit Company! When I get home this evening, I'll try it on two Windows 8 tablets...
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    I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!
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    If you do not see it in the store try rebooting the computer
    Also i am told microsoft iss ending it out in bunches as not to overload the servers too much. My rep at microsoft told me to check on and off throughout the day into the end of this week because of this
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    Does it install or can we burn it/ use a usb???
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    The tile just showed up on my Store, but it says 8.1 PREVIEW. Is that what everyone else is seeing? I purposefully did NOT install the preview, and sure don't want it now.
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    Why can't I find the update in the Store? - Microsoft Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    4.In the list of available updates, select KB 2871839, and any other updates you want to install, then tap or click Install.
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    Vanilla 8 Pro x64

    Sigh. Updated through the store (looong download time) and at the last restart it failed to repair and errored out. Forced to Restore back to 8

    Look at it again in the morning. Maybe
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    TechNet has a new one -- SAME Product key though for the previous one I'd already installed - not sure how much difference there is -- Backing up my system now before I install the 17/10/2013 (can't get used to US dates 10/17/2013 seems totally cackhanded - either YYMMDD or DDMMYY but that system !!!)

    downloading it now -- I would be surprised if there are any issues between the older RTM and the new one - especially as I don't need to get another key.

    (Downloading at 12.5 Mb/s --decent but well below what I should be getting - still it won't take long - then I'll see what happens - even Ms's servers I suppose get heavily used at times).

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    Installing now

    After removing my 8.1 preview and installing my backup of 8.0 about a week ago, then forcing what seemed like 20 or more windows updates I'm now downloading the 8.1 update through the store.

    Progress so far:
    10:00 - start download (10mbs)
    10:55 - checking compatibility
    11:00 - Applying changes
    11:05 - Gathering info
    11:15 - Preparing to restart
    11:18 - Restarting
    12:00 - Rebooted and then setup (slow msata)
    12:05 - reboot again and getting devices ready
    12:10 - Applying PC settings
    12:12 - Setting up a few more things
    12:20 - Updating App's
    12:29 - And now running again with 8.1 pro

    Two and a half hours.....

    Patience is a virtue
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Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only
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