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Control Windows 8 PC with Windows 8 Tablet

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    Control Windows 8 PC with Windows 8 Tablet

    I'm looking at this to be an HTPC solution only.

    I really like the metro interface for HTPC, I can put tiles for Netflix, hulu, youtube, etc. Then, the specific web pages that don't have apps like big 10 network, starz, etc (have to go to non metro browser though, which is fine).

    I can get this all set up exactly how I want it. But, it only works nice when I'm at a desk with a cpu in front of me with a mouse and keyboard.

    I imagine the exact same setup would work great on a tablet also, but then the viewing experience would be on the tablet, and not the monitor / TV.

    So, essentially, what I am looking for is a way to set up a tablet to be the interface I want, tiles organized how I need them, etc. I would be always looking at the tablet, browsing, say, Hulu for example until I found the show I wanted. Then, on the tablet, I'd tap the show, and it would magically play on the TV. I would do this for all apps, including plex, xbmc, hulu, Netflix, etc.

    I have ran into some apps like Splashtop that sort of work, but they seem to scale to the size of the screen from the PC. meaning, what displays nice on the PC ends up being small on the tablet and hard to read.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    N. Calif
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    Other than using the Metro interface, you could do this using an Android tablet in conjunction with a Google Chromecast dongle. Currently the only apps that support it are Netflix and YouTube but many other apps such as Hulu have announced plans to support it.

    Even though there aren't a lot of apps that currently support it, any service that has a web page (such as Hulu) can be "cast" to the dongle using the Chrome browser.
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    Is that the 35 dollar thing? I just figured some stuff wouldn't work like,, etc. How would that work exactly? If I'm able to cast an app from any device to it then that would rule
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    Read about it more, and I'm buying one, exactly what I want. My tablet is the interface, tv just plays it. I'm fine with going to cost online to play nice opposed to a plex app, this will rule
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    That's an interesting concept - Will a Tablet have access to the same apps that are available for a Windows 8 Phone?

    I have a Remote Windows 8 Mouse made by Benzle:

    Benzle Inc

    it sticks my Mouse, Keyboard, and Charms Bar on my iPhone. There are other apps that do the same thing, HippoRemote, Mobile Mouse. I don't have access to the same Store that a Windows 8 Ph9one has, but I am sure there are a few remote apps that will work, PC-Remote is another.

    Most of em have Free versions so you can try em out.
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    Windows 8 tablet, phone, and PC all have access to the same app store / apps. So, what you have on your phone you can put on your tablet.

    I am playing with the chromecast and the playing of hulu and netflix from my phone is superb. What you do after that is basically send what is on your google chrome browser to the screen in a mirror fashion (wiht a delay). So, start, play a show, "cast" it to the device, lock device that is playing adn watch on TV.

    The casting of tabs is a tad laggy, nowhere near as smooth as the native built in code for hulu and netflix on android, but it is in beta, so I expect it to get better eventually.

    It is so muich easier to look "down" then to look "up" to find what you want. Meaning, if I'm browsing to play a show, on my TV I have to use either a keyboard / mouse, a mobile app like mentioend above, etc. With an app, i'm looking down, but it is very small in size due to the mirror. If I use keyboard, then I'm looking up and I have to zoom in like 200% to see the screen, hence, horizontal scrolling.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    That would make using something like Teamviewer difficult.

    I use Mobile Mouse to control my Keyboard and Mouse, basically it is a Mouse. But I have the ability to start programs, and control Media Players. Some of them have built in commands, but you can make your own special commands for any program, I have made a Player for MPC-HC that gives me access to most features of that app. Of all of the Remote Apps I have, I use that one the most for Mouse and Keyboard.

    I also have VLC Remote that controls my VLC, and there is also a remote for WMP, but the server installer is not compatible with Windows 8.

    If they have a version of Mobile Mouse for Windows 8, you could use that somewhat. The Tablet is Windows 8 right?

    I know there is a Windows 8 version of VLC Remote, I cant get to the installer, it won't let me download it. But you could download the trial.

    I have this free app:

    PC Remote

    It's in the store, can that help you?
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    I've used mobile mouse and apps similar, they just aren't what i'm looking for. The issue is not with built in programs like hulu, netflix, etc, it is with streaming shows from specific network web sites. Regardless of how I control the computer, it is difficult to see when using apps like mobile mouse. Chromcast allows me to "airplay" or "cast" everything from my tablet ot the TV.

    I do not have a windows 8 tablet yet, I am testignon a windows 8 computer and android phone, and it works exactly as expected so far, just a little sluggish on the casting of the tab from chrome.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    I just tried out PC Remote from my test station to this one, it does have a lot of access to those Media services it seems., especially Hulu. There is no Iphone app for it, maybe there is a Droid version.

    If one had a Windows Tablet, it would be a good solution. It does not work well from PC to PC, because it wants the remote app to use the Touchscreen.
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    The issue still lives with browsing web sites though when sitting 15 feet away from the TV and not able to see it.
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Control Windows 8 PC with Windows 8 Tablet
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