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dvd movies sometimes arent recognized

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    dvd movies sometimes arent recognized first I thought maybe it was the one movie(battleship), but after subsequent testing with different dvd movies, I have to ask, is it normal for the dvd drive to sometimes not recognize theres a disc loaded?

    now..before anyone asks, I've got cyberlink power dvd 9.0, which has a dvd movie playback codec.. so its not a software issue.

    I've also got vlc media player which comes with a dvd movie playback codec, so again, not a software issue

    could this be my drive showing signs of premature impending failure on a machine just under a year old? or is this windows stuffing up and not recognizing theres a disc loaded?

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    That movie is so bad, maybe it BROKE your system. No, sorry-

    Are you referring to real physical DVDs, DVD Images, or a Dot-DVD file?

    Do you use ANYDVD? If you have ANYDVD installed, and turned on, it might choke on some new Protection. I can't copy my FRINGE DVD's to my system, it does not like the style of protection. I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about that program, I use it for my store bought DVDs to back them up.

    Also, DVDs are a volatile medium,. they go bad by just breathing on them, thats why I always back them up immediately. Make sure the bottom side of the Disks are clean, and there are no scratches across the TOP. Usually that does not matter for a Dual Layer disk, but check anyway, if there is the slightest scratch on the Top of the Disk, it may take away Data. usually you can just hold it up to the light and if there is a scratch, you'll see light through it.

    And if it was a Disney Movie, sometimes those require installing something that will allow them to read on PCs. Sometimes, they simply don't play at all, they won't read.

    Do you have an external DVD player, like a Home Theatre, you can test the movies in?
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    no to anydvd, I dont even know what that is, much less use something I dont know fully.

    breathing on mine has never affected them. maybe I'm just lucky?

    marvel's the avengers and ironman 3 are both disney movies and I've never been prompted to install a thing.

    I've tested the dvds on my xbox 360, every dvd I've tested works perfectly.

    I'm kinda confused here...
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Ok, then it may be your Physical Optical Drive. I always ask that stuff when someone is having DVD trouble, if you don't recognise it then you don't have to worry about it. And it narrows down the problem more towards a Physical Problem with your Optical Drive, depending on who makes it sometimes the life span is almost as short as a DVD itself.

    First off, blow Air through the open tray, get out any particles of dust, then you will have to buy a DVD/CD Cleaner Disk, one that you would buy for cleaning Home DVD players.

    It could also be an alignment Error with the Drive, the Laser Head is not pointing in the right place, that could also cause it. Sometimes this can be fixed by getting a Firmware Update for the Drive, if your whole computer is an OEM system, like HP or Dell, then they will have Firmware Revisions for your Drive on the Support Site for your exact machine- Usually HP and Dell both have sites that detect your machine make and model and shunt you to the support page.

    But if you assembled your system yourself, and bought the DVD drive from some place, you will have to know who made it, and it's model number. There is a Website

    The Firmware Page ? Index page

    That specializes in helping people find Firmware for their Optical Drives.

    So blow the dust out, then clean it, then check for new firmware in that order, then see how it works. Also, regardless of now clean a DVD looks to the naked eye, there could be a miniscule scratch or particle or smudge, I always keep a cloth around to wipe them before I put them in.
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    if it gets to the point where it wont read discs..I'll have it sent for servicing.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    The Whole System or just the Drive?

    If you have a Good Warranty that includes Labour, then do it. Did someone build the system or was it an OEM like a Dell or HP?

    Sometimes, certain DVDs are just stubborn and won't play, I think it was the original "Pitch Black" has issues about playing in PCs, a whole batch of DVDs were badly mastered. Maybe you should bring the disk back and get another one, if you can get one from a different Batch, it may play.

    It's the same Issue as when I was a kid and I bought CCR records and there was a Skip in it, I had "Preservation Act II" by The Kinks and it was a magnificent Double Album, but every single copy of it had a Glitch in the middle of "Introduction to a Solution".

    So I took it back, once, twice, fifteen times, finally word got back to RCA and they eventually repressed the whole Double Album and I FINALLY got one that played.

    So, try to find out, is it the Disk, or is it the Drive, or is it the Program? If it plays in WMP but not in MCE or VLC, then it is the Program. If it will not play in any Program, but plays in a Home DVD Player, then it's the disk.

    I just want to add, that I buy a LOT of DVDs, and I've had issues like this a lot., and I've returned dozens, sometimes the replacement works great, sometimes the whole DVD has Issues, it's not just the Physical Disk, it;' also the Programming on the Disk.

    So before you go tearing your PC apart or returning it for possibly non-necessary work, check the DVD in as many PCs and Home DVD players as you can, and even return it and get a new one and see if it is the same issue.
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    win8 wmp doesnt support dvd playback, I have an OEM supplied program, cyberlink power dvd, which does.

    further.. the system is an OEM by sony, listed in my specs.

    third..this happens days after I purchase a 3 year extended warranty plan which I find priceless.

    fourth..the dvd cleaner disc did bubkiss.

    fifth, it doesnt appear to matter what disc I put in, even ones I've had for years that play in my old system and my xbox.

    sixth..if it were the dvds, then my xbox would be flipping me off as well XD.

    the dvd optical drive is a user servicable component, by that I can dismount the drive and say slot in a bluray drive if I've got a compatible one.. so I'll likely ask sony to send me a new drive and instructions on how to install it.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Thanks for reminding me, that the only version of Windows 8 that has any DVD support at all is Windows 8 Pro with Media Center.

    PowerDVD is what I used to use before I found VLC and VLC Remote, I still use it sometimes with PowerDVD remote. I've never had it fail to play any DVD of mine.

    So I agree it's probably the Drive. DVD-RW's are sometimes CHEAP. The one I used the Longest was a Sony DVD-RW I paid 300 bucks for, but it was not Dual Layer. It lasted about 5 years. I usually buy cheap Lite-Ons and they last me about a year each. Sony;s shoudl last a good long time though, but they are also good for their Warranties.
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    ok, the problem's gotten to the point where it crashes cyberlink and vlc. the bleeding thing even flipped me off when I put in a brand new out of the shrink wrap cd to rip some music to mp3 formatting.

    sony wants me to send the WHOLE system in for a drive replacement I could do myself if they'd send me the drive. its simple..unscrew retaining screw..pull, out comes drive.. as in user serviceable/replaceable.

    what I want to do I have the right to insist on them sending me a replacement optical disc drive? or do I HAVE to send it in?
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    You could try updating the firmware.

    Lens probably just needs to be cleaned with Q-tip + alcohol, but opening probably voids warranty.

    There are non-invasive products that can clean without opening.
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dvd movies sometimes arent recognized
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