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8 to 8.1 additions/omissions: Please add to

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    8 to 8.1 additions/omissions: Please add to

    We attempting to make a comprehensible list of changes of 8.1 vs 8 for a heads up and for those wondering if it's worthwhile updating from 8 or previous OSs. I continue running 8.1 Pro RP until this coming Thursday, the 17th when the RTM is released the general public. I realize it is a preview and my list may not be accurate. I will to sort by edition. This is basically a start. A friend's list (addendum) follows mine. I believe he is running 8.1 RTM Pro compared to 8 Pro RTM.

    All members are invited to post with editions and/or edits. I could add it to the addended list or, if you prefer, leave it in a post. As you're learning more of 8.1 please post again.

    Here is a TechNet Windows article one may want to reference, however, not all the changes are listed there: Windows 8.1 - What's New, IT Pro Features, Devices, UI | TechNet.

    Thank you and happy computing.

    Windows 8 Pro RTM to 8.1 Pro RP:

    1. More personalization, system configuration, and other options within "Change System Settings" via Charms bar > Settings. A whole slew of changes/additions. Major items are:

    a) Picture slide show for Lock Screen on/off and timing settings.
    b) Hot corners & edges navigation on/off options.
    c) More Privacy options

    2. More items listed for system management in the Advanced Context Menu (power user task menu) in the lower-left corner of the screen. (Finger tap, WinKey/X, or right mouse click)

    3) The new "Navigation" tab on the newly named "Task Bar and Navigation" menu. (Right click Taskbar > Properties. Also listed in Control Panel) Major items within that tab for "Desktoppers" reprieve:

    a) Boot to desktop rather than Start Screen.
    b) Option to use All Apps rather than Start Screen via the same as above.
    c) All Apps listing options.

    4) Option to list Windows PowerShell listed instead of Command Prompt in the Advanced Context Menu. PowerShell is set by default.

    5) Option for showing Desktop background on Start Screen also.

    6) Start Screen "Customize mode".

    7) More Start Screen tile sizing options.

    8) Advanced features in Search so far as where to search, including Bing.

    9) Overhauled Store app design and navigation.

    10) 3 less, 1 changed, and 1 added items in Control Panel:

    a) No "Performance and Information Tools".
    b) No "RemoteApp and Desktop" connection".
    c) Taskbar changed to “Taskbar and Navigation".

    11) Added "Work Folders" in File Explorer.

    12) IE11

    13) Track data usage (Charms > Settings > Change PC settings > Network > under Data Usage, switch “Show my estimated data usage on the Networks list” to ‘On’)

    Addendum: Windows 8 Pro RTM to 8.1 Pro RTM

    14) Default theme too bright.

    15) Secure boot watermark warning (desktop) if not enabled.

    16) Better overall transparency.

    17) Improved text quality.

    18) Better gamma correction.

    19) '0' errors on boot.

    20) Only a handful of win updates.

    21) All drivers provided during installation or win update (and they work).

    22) Windows 7 File Recovery removed, System Image is retained.

    23) Create Rescue Disk option removed, USB Recovery Drive is retained.

    24) Intel driver update utility will not install (May not be updated as of yet).

    25) WEI still available via "winsat formal" command. (Winsat) (Cannot run this in RP, for it warned "Reserved for future use")

    26) Secure Boot watermark warning on desktop if not enabled.

    27) Skydrive folder in File Explorer and Skydrive Store app to view Skydrive folder or "This PC".

    28) Metro tutorial running in background w/occasional FYIs.

    29) Slight performance boost.

    30) Can't optimize SSD recovery partition.

    31) Installed legacy Win32 Desktop programs no longer pin tiles (shortcuts) to the Start Screen. They must be pinned manually from the All Apps screen:

    32) "Consumer devices are automatically encrypted and protected when using a Microsoft account. Data on any Windows connected standby device is automatically protected (encrypted) with device encryption." This is verbatim as per MS Windows site article linked in the opening statement.
    Last edited by HippsieGypsie; 16 Oct 2013 at 04:55.

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    Covington, La
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    Why are you waiting until Friday, the actual release will be 6AM on Thursday Oct 17 CDT where you are.
    That is midnight Oct 18 in New Zealand.

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    I stand corrected again. It's edited. Thanks. You retired phone people are on the ball.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Running it now --TechNet RTM version
    Been working fine except for some glitches with IE11

    1) Silverlight with some streaming services didn't work -- now it seems OK after some updates.

    2) IE11 back navigation on Google is hosed up --I've posted details in the Browsers section.

    IE11 X-64 RTM Back Navigation not working properly

    Otherwise W8.1 works fine so far.

    (Clean install from TechNet ISO -- a couple of touch drivers needed to be re-installed - but they were picked up easily from the Windows.OLD file).

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    Thanks for posting, Jimbo.
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    Hi HippsieGypsie,

    I think you started something good here and kudos to you for your effort. I certainly appreciate it immensely.


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    Thanks, my2cents. That's most kind of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    22) Win 7 recovery replaced by system image.
    23) No more "Create rescue disc". It is replaced by "Recovery drive option".
    Windows 8 already allows you to create a System Image and a USB Recovery Drive, so I don't think they can be described as replacements in Windows 8.1, because they're already there.

    I think more accurate would be:
    22) Windows 7 File Recovery removed, System Image is retained
    23) Create Rescue Disk option removed, USB Recovery Drive is retained
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    Windows 8.1, 10

    n+1) Device Encryption for all versions of Windows 8.1 (not just Windows Pro and above)
    Windows 8.1 will encrypt everything by default - yikes!
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    Thanks for posting, David.

    I see no problem, but I'm getting my friends okay on your suggested 22 and 23.

    Concerning your last post; The way I see it is drives are encrypted only when using a Microsoft account to sign into a device. Correct?

    A part of what you posted on the other thread on that subject:

    Windows 8.1 - What's New, IT Pro Features, Devices, UI | TechNet

    Consumer devices are automatically encrypted and protected when using a Microsoft account. Data on any Windows connected standby device is automatically protected (encrypted) with device encryption.
    If you're suggesting an addendum, how would you like it to read?


    You're 22 and 23 are edited in. Thanks.
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8 to 8.1 additions/omissions: Please add to
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